4 Reasons to Consider Incorporating CBD Products Into Your Skincare Routine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has crossed over from a health and wellness craze to a common ingredient in products used regularly by consumers for everything from managing anxiety to combating heart disease. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the ways the non-psychoactive chemical compound derived from hemp has worked its way into people’s everyday lives is skincare. Coinciding with a wave of interest in beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals, a variety of options that include CBD are now available, introducing consumers to the of-the-moment element through creams, balms, and cleansers. One company dedicated to developing pure, CBD-based skincare products is Columbus, Ohio-based Cannuka. Founded by Michael Bumgarner, Cannuka pairs cannabis with Manuka honey as well as vitamin-rich oils to create simple and natural formulas. Here, Bumgarner shares four reasons CBD should be an ingredient in your skincare routine.

It provides a vitamin boost. According to Bumgarner, CBD skincare products are naturally rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, which have healing and rejuvenating properties and help protect your skin from environmental stress.

It offers anti-inflammatory properties. For those who suffer from acne, CBD products may be of particular interest: Bumgarner says that the essential fatty acids that are found in products like CBD skin cream produce anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, he adds, CBD has antibacterial properties that gently fight the cause of acne before it even occurs.

It reduces puffiness. For sensitive under-eye skin, Bumgarner recommends applying CBD skin cream to reduce puffiness. Gentler than typical eye creams, he says a CBD-based option will tighten the area thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and treat the delicate area without irritation.

It may help reduce signs of aging. “Some studies have shown that receptors in the brain can interact with CBD—in a good way,” Bumgarner says, noting that our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of cannabinoids. “Research suggests that when introduced to the skin, CBD can spark receptors that increase the body’s cell regeneration ability.”

TSG Tip 281 from Michael Bumganer of Cannuka. Cannuka is featured in The Scout Guide Columbus. Photography by Power Plant Apothecary.