Caring For Cashmere

Sweater weather has set in, and we’ve already started incorporating our favorite cashmere pieces into our everyday attire. To help us keep our items in good shape for seasons to come, we asked Suzi Johnson, creator of the Aspen-based knitwear line Souchi (and owner of the store of the same name), for advice on cashmere care; here are her recommendations, and see below for a special promotional offer:

Rules of thumb: First, and most important, heat should never meet cashmere/wool. They are sworn enemies. Also, you should never hang sweaters—they’ll stretch, and you will get a pinching/dimpling where the hanger ends.

Cleaning basics: Hand wash your cashmere pieces (a little known fact is that hand washing cashmere will actually soften it over time). Baby shampoo works as a cleaning product, but I love and use wool/cashmere wash from the laundress. Invest in a mesh drying rack for your cashmere pieces, which will let the air circulate and dry the item from all angles. Note that cashmere can take a few days to air dry, so if you’re in a hurry to wear a freshly washed item you can cut the time by using a salad spinner to spin off extra water and then let it air dry.

Protecting your pieces: Keeping moths away is key. Perfume attracts moths, so consider skipping your signature scent if you’re worried about your cashmere. In terms of storage, we all know cedar deters moths, but lavender oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint, thyme, orange, rosemary, cinnamon, and cloves are all natural scents that can keep moths at bay as well. You can find many non-toxic natural sprays and oils online that can help. Finally, a gross but necessary fact: It’s not the moth cashmere should fear, but the moth larvae, because animal hair is a form of protein for it and perspiration on your sweaters provides the moisture needed for larvae survival. (Yuck.) So, clean your cashmere!

Expert tip from Suzi Johnson of Souchi in Aspen, Colorado. Tip image of Souchi Raquel Cashmere Mini Dress. Use code cashmere to get 20% off anything from the souchi knit collection on Online orders only, offer ends 11/5/15.