Why would you want to bank with a boutique banking firm?

Four professionals gathered for The Scout Guide, posing confidently in a modern office setting with a large framed photograph of a bison in the background, exuding a blend of business elegance and a touch of the wild.

Personalized Solutions from a Boutique Bank

We believe in finding the perfect financial solutions for YOU at our boutique banking experience.   At Flanagan State Bank located in Belgrade, Montana, you’re not just a number, you’re a member of our family.  You might hear this from many firms, but we take the time to really get to know you so we can understand your personal and business goals.

Versatile Lending Experience

Many larger banks have lenders that only specialize in one area of banking.  Our lenders at Flanagan State Bank are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of all banking aspects, ensuring we find the ideal fit for your needs, whether it’s a Conventional Mortgage, unique property financing, land loans, or business expansions.”

Tailored Deposits

Flanagan State Bank offers a range of competitive banking products designed to suit your unique requirements. From high-yield CDs to interest-bearing money markets and traditional no-cost checking options, our personalized service guarantees the right fit for you.

Long Term Relationships

At Flanagan State Bank, we’re committed for the long haul. With over 100 years of experience, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships. Every transaction, regardless of size, is important to us. Our goal is to be your trusted financial partner for both your business and family for years to come.

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Flanagan State Bank will be featured in V.3 of The Scout Guide Bozeman/Big Sky launching in October. We are excited they have partnered with our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy as they maneuver and build their business in Montana. Have questions for Justin Yahnig ? Reach out through email [email protected] or call (815) 419-4176.