Bozeman Design Trends from the Experts

Sourced from the esteemed Architectural Digest to the viral realms of TikTok, this year’s interior design ethos centers on crafting spaces that ignite joy and mirror individuality. With this ethos in mind, we’ve tapped into Bozeman Design Trends from our four Scouted experts, Anne Buresh Interior Design, White Label Interiors, Linen Alley and Emerson Bailey Collection, in Volume 2 of The Scout Guide Bozeman/Big Sky to unveil the trends that have captured their fascination, leaving ample room for personal interpretation.

Design trends in Bozeman Montana

Incorporating hand-crafted, historical pieces, like the vent hood in this kitchen

Infusing handcrafted, historical elements into contemporary living such as the intricately adorned vent hood showcased in this kitchen, is a burgeoning trend that adds a sense of character and storytelling to spaces. Anne Buresh Interior Design

Photographer: Kara Mercer

Biophilic details, aka: designing with greenery and air quality

Additionally, incorporating handcrafted, historical pieces alongside biophilic design details is a rising trend in modern interior design. From intricately carved vent hoods to botanical installations, this approach seamlessly blends craftsmanship and sustainability. By marrying elements that improve air quality with cherished artifacts, such as the vent hood in this kitchen, designers create environments that prioritize well-being and storytelling. Stacy Becker of White Label Interiors

Design trends in Big Sky

Unique Plumbing Fixtures

Unique, clean, and substantial plumbing fixtures are hard to find. With great passion for precision in clean lines and unique design, TONI Copenhagen plumbing fixtures are a representation of timelessness and unparalleled craftsmanship. Their substantial presence and attention to detail transform all spaces as they are the perfect fusion of form and function. TONI’s creations are a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and refinement. Emerson Bailey Collection

Design trends in Big Sky Montana

Bold wallpaper in small spaces, like in this powder bath. 

Moreover, bold wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular in small spaces, exemplified by its striking presence in this powder bath. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors add depth and personality, transforming compact areas into captivating focal points. Embracing such designs allows for creative expression and makes a bold statement within limited square footage. Anne Buresh Interior Design

Photographer: Emily Kennedy

Earthy details in Kitchens, as a way to make a home feel layered and collected.

Earthy details are emerging as a prominent trend in kitchen design, serving to imbue homes with a sense of depth and curated charm. Incorporating natural materials like wood accents, stone countertops, and textured finishes creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. By infusing these elements into the kitchen space, homeowners can achieve a layered and collected aesthetic that enhances the overall ambiance of their home. Stacy Becker of White Label Interiors

Design trends in big sky montana

Luminaries As a Focal Point

In interior design a trend that continues to emerge, yet difficult to achieve, is unique lighting. Lighting is often duplicated and reproduced, making it difficult to find pieces that set apart the ordinary from the extraordinary. SEKT lighting does just that. Each light is a testament to craftsmanship and imagination, embodying sculptural artistry. These luminaries stand as focal points and statements of personal style, gaining attention and sparking conversation with their audiences. Emerson Bailey Collection

Design trends in Big Sky Montana

Statement lighting, like the whimsical chandelier over the tub in this master bath.

Statement lighting fixtures, exemplified by the whimsical chandelier gracing the tub in this master bath, are elevating interiors by adding a touch of personality and luxury. These eye-catching pieces not only illuminate a space but also serve as focal points, infusing rooms with character and charm. Anne Buresh Interior Design

Photographer: Sumaira Amber

Mixing Modern & Contemporary styles. When new lines meet classic furnishings.

The trend of mixing modern and contemporary styles brings a fresh perspective to interiors by juxtaposing sleek, clean lines with timeless furnishings. By blending these contrasting elements, spaces are infused with a dynamic and eclectic aesthetic that celebrates both innovation and tradition. Stacy Becker of White Label Interiors

design trends in jackson hole

A Great Bed

A popular design trend involves investing in a luxurious bed by Hastens, renowned for its superior craftsmanship and unmatched comfort. Incorporating such a centerpiece not only elevates the bedroom’s aesthetic but also ensures a restful and indulgent sleep experience. Linen Alley in Jackson Hole

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