Five Cities We're Visiting This Year

Most travelers will share their joy at being able to scratch the surface of their chosen destination. Once, when attending a corporate meeting at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, my traveling companion and I hailed a local cab and asked the driver to please show us what life looks like through the eyes of a local. Nothing beats a local point of view to create an amazing trip.


The Big Easy holds a special place in my heart because that’s where I moved for my first job out of college, straight from my home state of Washington. That time still lives in me as a huge adventure. 

Map of New Orleans by Lawrence Linder

City Map of New Orleans by Lawrence Linder, as seen in The Scout Guide New Orleans.

With an interactive map to the vetted TSG members in New Orleans, The Scout Guide’s city site for helps you navigate life like an insider along Magazine Street, through Downtown and the French Quarter, while also identifying the by-appointment-only tastemakers and professionals who make New Orleans, well, New Orleans.


When I make our packing list for Park City, I always include “all the toys”. Bikes, skis, backpacks, party dresses…they all have a place in one of Utah’s premier playgrounds. The Scout Guide Park City comprehensively helps you get to know life in Park City, with experts in outfitting, lodging, places to pamper yourself, and aprés recommendations.

Downtown Park City


Don’t hold it against us that over here at TSG Boulder headquarters, we love Dolly Parton. (More on that later). The nearest metropolitan market to her Tennessee mountain home is Knoxville, and I was first drawn there in 2021. We did NOT leave enough time in the city during that visit, and returning to the gateway of the Smoky Mountains is a priority. The Scout Guide Knoxville publishes a great online cheat sheet for lodging, dining, and shopping.


Tucson, to us, serves as the gateway to a magical land that still feels like the old wild west. The city itself is rich in at least one amenity that we Boulderites can appreciate during late winter and early spring in particular – warm temperatures! But beyond Tucson, in Southern Arizona, the soundtrack for life still sounds like rattlesnakes and jangling spurs (Tombstone, Arizona…hello). We just love that The Scout Guide Tucson embraces the entire region, and we have more to explore there in 2023.

The San Rafael grassland preservation in Southern Arizona.


The birthplace of The Scout Guide. Home of the University of Virginia, with a core campus designed by Thomas Jefferson. I’m craving the history, architecture, creativity and verve of college towns not normally on my radar. Charlottesville more than fits the bill! The city site for The Scout Guide Charlottesville also puts the history of TSG on display, with the ability to browse the original guides. The businesses in these early collectives are the “founding members” of what is now the most distinctive nationwide network of locally owned businesses.