Summertime Hydration Tips with EXTEN

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The dawn of the summer season here in Boise and The Treasure Valley brings with it many of our most beloved activities and a return to outdoor recreation. Replenish those electrolytes and refuel with specially-crafted wellness drips and hydration packs, thanks to our friends at EXTEN IV Drip Therapy, serving the greater Boise and Sun Valley areas. 

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The great news? Staying at the top of your hydration game has never been more simple! From now through the end of July, ( and when you mention The Scout Guide) you will receive 25% off of IV hydration services.*

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Hydration Tips

EXTEN’s CEO of Feeling Your Best, Ryland Mauck-Duff, recommends following a summertime hydration regimen that best fits your needs:

  • Ensure proper fluid intake. (Note: The average adult should try to drink 2.5 liters to 3 liters of water per day, about 11-15 cups.) 
  • Replacing electrolytes is important, especially when you’re sweating a lot. Electrolyte replacement can be done through dietary sources or supplements.
  • Seek shade or limit exercise in the heat of the day to prevent dehydration. When exercising in the heat,  continuously hydrate.

Check out these and other hydration tips.

Prioritize your health and optimize hydration this summer with EXTEN’s drips and packs, specially-tailored to every summer-lover out there; from seasonal athletes to the weekend warriors, EXTEN ensures your hydration needs are taken care of.  

Follow EXTEN to see what they’re up to for summer and beyond. 

*valid until 7/31 only, not valid with any other discount, one per client and some exclusions may apply.