Sneak Peek: Studio Mullins Collection

A bride poses wearing vintage-inspired engagement ring and wedding band designed in Birmingham by Studio Mullins
Photography by Bailey Hart.

For a brand that borrows heavily from the past, anything new is worth noting. Though, perhaps that’s an understatement when discussing the arrival of the much-anticipated signature collection from the Birmingham-based, Studio Mullins

Known for their custom jewelry design and heirloom re-creations, the Studio Mullins Collection is a thrilling new offering from Shelby Mullins’s eponymous fine jewelry studio. Launching March 24, 2024, the collection will span heirloom-quality pieces that reflect Mullins’s signature appreciation for the antique and patinaed with the modern voice brides and bespoke clients have come to love. Each piece, she hopes, will resonate with and remind wearers of milestones and precious moments it commemorates. And every piece, we can confirm, eschews the same everyday elegance we’ve come to associate with Studio Mullins.

Here, we chat with Shelby about the upcoming release of her collection and get a sneak peek at its standout pieces.

A bride poses wearing vintage-inspired wedding bands and diamond tennis necklace designed in Birmingham by Studio Mullins
A bride poses wearing vintage-inspired engagement ring and wedding band designed in Birmingham by Studio Mullins

TSG Birmingham: Studio Mullins was custom from the start, what inspired you to introduce a signature collection?  
Shelby Mullins: It was always part of the Studio Mullins’s vision to offer a signature collection alongside custom jewelry pieces. However, launching the business with both was not an option. After a few years as an independent studio, extensive research into production, and savings, I’m in the right place to launch the first Studio Mullins collection. 

TSG Birmingham: What does this mean for you as a designer? 
Shelby Mullins: As a jewelry designer exclusively producing custom pieces, most of my clients come to me with a clear understanding of the piece they want to design. While I love getting to be creative with clients, I’ve yearned to expand my own creativity, to demonstrate my aesthetic as well as my studio’s capabilities. This signature collection does exactly that and more. 

TSG Birmingham: What does the introduction of your signature collection mean for custom clients? 
Shelby Mullins: My hope is this collection enhances their experience and helps them see our pieces as works of art. I hope it inspires clients to branch out into new ideas and design elements. To me, wearing jewelry is a form of storytelling, so I hope these pieces will not only resonate but help them tell more of their story as they celebrate milestones and chapters. 

TSG Birmingham: Speaking of inspiration… What inspired the aesthetic direction behind the line? 
Shelby Mullins: Simply diving into my tastes and being myself. Before Studio Mullins, I graduated with a degree in Interior Design and worked in the field for years. My favorite parts of the industry were furnishings and textiles — anything antique, vintage, crusty, patinaed, and a little imperfect. I tend to lean towards these same qualities in jewelry design. I’ve been drawn to the Georgian and Victorian eras, so I’ve been studying these elements and pulling in nods to Art Deco and mid-century styles. This collection reflects elements from those periods and movements but with Studio Mullins’ own, modern way and voice. You will see repeating elements as we continue to grow our line, which will tie the full vision together. Off the bat, I think you will be able to grasp a direction, but over time, I think our themes will help build out our signature voice. 

TSG Birmingham: What, specifically, will the founding collection include? 
Shelby Mullins: This collection will include 17 pieces, most of which are intentionally “buildable.” Think detachable charms that can go from a bracelet to earrings to necklaces. Lots of stacking elements that tie together and play well with others. 

TSG Birmingham: What’s the timeline for the collection? 
Shelby Mullins: As you know, we’ll launch the initial line on March 24th, but we’re already working on an additional early summer release of a few more pieces. We will continue to grow from there. Stay tuned for an Engagement Ring Prototype, many rings, signature chains, pendants, charms, and earrings. Psst! We are also bringing back our classic bangle. 

A bride poses wearing vintage-inspired engagement ring and wedding band designed in Birmingham by Studio Mullins
A bride poses wearing vintage-inspired engagement ring and wedding band designed in Birmingham by Studio Mullins

TSG Birmingham: Obviously, the collection was designed in Birmingham. Where are the pieces crafted? 
Shelby Mullins: This collection is crafted by the same New York City-based partners that create our custom pieces, so the quality of our collection will be the same experience as our custom projects hold. We love our production partners so much. 

TSG Birmingham: What else do we need to know about the collection — other than we need it all? 
Shelby Mullins: This is just the beginning! More to come! Similar to our custom jewelry, we recognize that pieces from our collection will most likely be purchased to commemorate personal 

Studio Mullins is a member of The Scout Guide Birmingham Volume 7 and 8. The Studio Mullins collection will be available to shop online March 24, 2024. In the meantime, follow along with Studio Mullins on Instagram for the latest updates or reach out to them directly to inquire about bespoke pieces.