6 Reasons Print Marketing Shouldn't Be Left on the Shelf

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At The Scout Guide, we are always scouring the editorial world for new insight into ensuring that our clients’ ROI brings a smile to their face.  This week, an editorial find on Providence Monthly made TSG editors across the country beam with excitement.  As a collective group, we believe in the power of print. After all print is our jam!  We know that when print is used correctly with social media, expanded reach and increased ROI blossom organically. For this reason, we are happy to share Hey Rhody Media Co. ‘s eloquently expressed 6 reasons why you should continue to love print as much as we do at TSG.

6 Reasons Print Marketing Shouldn’t Be Left on the Shelf

Grow your audience with a tried-and-true outlet that seamlessly complements your digital strategy: print marketing

In an era dominated by social media, where even pets have more followers than people have friends, it’s easy to assume that print marketing is either obsolete or on the verge of becoming a trendy retro fad, but here at Hey Rhody Media Co. – which was founded on and continues to publish widely circulated print magazines – we know better.   Already a strong tool on its own, when integrated with your digital strategy, print media packs a powerful punch. Here are six reasons to incorporate print advertising into your overall marketing plan.

  1. Digital Fatigue Is Real

After hours of scrolling past “Buy now!” pop-ups and emails promising you’ll “never believe what happens next” have become tiresome, and we are all eager for something new. Enter print marketing. With glossy brochures and fancy pamphlets, print is the antidote to digital fatigue – a non-flashing, non-dinging breath of fresh air that doesn’t require an “unsubscribe” button.

  1. Print Provides a Better Sensory Experience

You can’t feel a website, but you can feel paper! Printed materials offer a lovely tactile sensation: the crinkling, the smoothness, and the smell of fresh ink. It’s like aromatherapy for your eyeballs – an immersive experience screens just can’t compete with.

  1. Print Builds Greater Trust

There’s something about print media that makes people nod in solemn agreement, as if they are holding an ancient manuscript. It feels trustworthy. It could be the perceived investment in ink and paper or the nostalgia of turning pages, but people are more likely to believe what they read in print than on a blog written by “Admin123.”

  1. Print Holds More Attention

The downside of print media? You can’t swipe left on it. The upside? You can’t swipe left on it! Print commands more attention than digital ads because, and unlike online content, it is not competing for your attention amidst notifications about a 10-second viral video or your great-aunt’s latest cat meme.

  1. Digital Can Now Cost You

As the digital space becomes more crowded, the cost of getting noticed increases. Have you seen the price of sponsored posts lately? Print marketing offers an old-school bang for your buck. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully designed postcard in the mailbox instead of another bill?

  1. Omnichannel Is the Future

Marketing’s magic word these days is “omnichannel,” which means incorporating various channels while maintaining consistency. Think of it as the marketing equivalent of a charcuterie board, where print is the artisanal cheese that pairs oh-so-nicely with your digital crackers.

Providence Monthly Posted May 8, 2024 By Jenna Kaplan