Small Talk: How Postpartum Depression led to Poppylist

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Tamiz Ahmed (Left) & Sarah Hollingsworth (Right), Co-founders of Poppylist

When it comes to the products available to aid us in raising the tiniest of humans, there’s more than enough websites, blogs and of course, moms to give us their opinions on everything from the beloved Doona stroller to the bassinet that rocks the baby back to sleep. But for a first time mom, it can be extraneous and overwhelming to create a registry. Between weighing the reviews, sourcing stylish and functional products that also ensure your little one is safe, it’s like going back to school for another degree.

Enter: Poppylist — the local Austin baby registry company built by parents for parents. They’re enabling us to bid adieu to our spreadsheets in exchange for a modernized and simpler way of registering. This includes viewing the products your friends chose for their registry and delayed delivery (…more on that later). 

The technology company was founded by local Austinite, Sarah Hollingsworth. Shortly after giving birth to her first daughter in 2020, Sarah suffered from severe postpartum depression. Of course, this is not a rarity in current times – and especially was not a rarity during the pandemic. In a world that is placing less and less value on community, first time moms are left lonely, tired and overwhelmed with the lack of access to information. It was in this dark place that Hollingsworth left her job at Rackspace and immersed herself in the potential of Poppylist. She says that “building Poppylist brought her back to life”. 

“Building Poppylist brought me back to life”

Sarah Hollingsworth

Six months later, Hollingsworth began to recognize the potential the company had to change the way other parents prepare to welcome a child. She candidly shared her idea on Product Hunt in an effort to improve the project and get feedback. Tamiz Ahmed, a serial entrepreneur and full-stack developer with a background at Bleacher Report and Google was immediately inspired & enthusiastic. Since, the two have not looked back – the shared passion and season of life raising babies and toddlers as they built a tool for parents was revitalizing. 

Almost four years later, Poppylist is a parent’s dream registry company. Our favorite feature is the delayed delivery perk. No more bombarding parents after a baby shower with 100 products they must find a place to store…some they may not use for a year or even two! Instead, you can continue to select when you want to receive the (already purchased) gifts as you shuffle through each beautiful phase of labor & delivery, newborn, toddlerhood and beyond! 

Finally, we’d be remiss to not emphasize the virtuous and thoughtful approach Poppylist takes when it comes to the user experience. Besides the fact that the page does not ever redirect you to third-party sites, it’s also not filled with pay-to-play actors like other registry companies. When you think about the “safest car seats” list being only those who can afford to spend marketing dollars, it should make us rethink what is actually safe.

Next time a friend shares the news that they’re expecting, we encourage you to share the Poppylist story with them. Future moms and dads can trust that because Sarah and Tamiz are in the thick of it with them, they are designing their platform accordingly. 

We are so grateful to have brave entrepreneurs (it’s hard to bring a dream to life, y’all!) like the team at Poppylist. Here’s to our innovative city and the benefits we receive from it. Ditch the idea of boxes coming in all at once, find authentic recommendations, see what your community trusts and prepare better with Poppylist. 

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