The Legacy of Transportation Solutions of Augusta

A man and woman enjoying a sunny outdoor adventure together, seated on a stylish golf cart on a wooden boardwalk surrounded by natural scenery, epitomizing the lifestyle celebrated by The Scout Guide.

If you are in the market to purchase a golf car, Transportation Solutions of Augusta (TSA) has the expertise to help you do just that. With over 100 years of experience and as the only authorized Club Car dealer in Augusta, John Boone, Tripp Kuhlke and Peyton Boone can help with all your golf car needs, always with a smile on their faces.

How did the business start? Both John and Tripp started working for Club Car in 1983 and 1987, respectively. In 2000 they, along with Frank Reese and Michele Edelmann, left Club Car and started Transportation Solutions of Augusta.  Frank was the mechanic/engineer of the group, Tripp and John were the sales guys and Michele, the administrative guru.  Peyton joined the sales team in 2012. Since then, the company has grown to include a parts department and full service center.

Prior to TSA there was no Club Car dealer. “Club car handled things factory direct, but there was no one to service any product and no showroom for people,” says Peyton. TSA took care of that need and focuses not only on sales but also prides itself on its stellar customer service and relationships. “Our history in the business — that’s what really sets us apart,” says Peyton. 

The demand for personal golf cars started to see a rise in the mid-to late-90s with Covid causing a spike as people were forced to stay at home. That, combined with neighborhood developments in the area, really increased the demand and caused changes in the use and look of golf cars. Twelve or so years ago, most people just wanted an electric golf cart with a backseat and lights at a cost of about $4,000, according to Peyton.  “There were no fancy wheels or lift kits,” he adds. You can still get a simple golf car today but you can also get ones with all kinds of extras that can cost $20,000 plus.

TSA acquires golf cars that are coming off a lease from golf courses and rebuilds them for neighborhood use. “We sell a lot of cars like that to smaller dealers in the Southeast and keep some for ourselves to fix up, refurbish and sell here,” says Peyton.  That’s not all they do. TSA houses a full parts and service center with six skilled mechanics on board. In addition to servicing personal golf cars, they are also responsible for servicing all the golf courses in the CSRA. 

As a trusted brand, Club Car speaks for itself. “Club Car products are made here in Augusta, assembled by US workers and 85 percent of components are sourced in the USA – it’s a good product,” he adds.“Club Car is good so it sells itself but beyond that it’s our customer service that sets us apart.” 

For the past 24 years, TSA has been the “go to” for any golf car needs. They don’t just focus on selling but on building relationships with their customers that keeps them coming back for years and years.