Your Guide to Home Improvement in Atlanta

Welcome to your ultimate guide to home improvement in Atlanta! Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to put your personal touch on your space or a long-time resident seeking to refresh your abode, Atlanta is brimming with exceptional local businesses ready to help you achieve your vision. Let’s dive in!

1. Construction Resources

Chic kitchen with green cabinets, gold fixtures, and marble counters, in The Scout Guide style.

Construction Resources offers an unparalleled range of building and design products as well as installation and support services. They serve as a comprehensive hub for builders, designers and homeowners alike. Explore a world of possibilities with their all-in-one solutions for your building and remodeling needs.

Construction Resources | @constructionresources

2. T. Blake Seagars Architecture

Elegant living room with a fireplace, sunburst mirror, and The Scout Guide on table.

T. Blake Seagars designs your entire property, indoors and out, for a seamless living experience. From concept sketches to final touches, they handle everything to create a functional and beautiful environment that reflects your unique style.

T. Blake Seagars Architecture |  @tblakesegars

3. Northside Builders

Elegant home featured in The Scout Guide with manicured garden and patio.

Northside Builders creates custom homes, commercial spaces and residential developments with an unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional design. Backed by 40 years of experience, they collaborate with top talents in the Southeast to craft spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance your way of life.

Northside Builders |  @northsidebldrs

4. Bellwether Landscape Architects

Elegant patio setup with string lights from The Scout Guide.

Bellwether Landscape Architect’s team of passionate experts collaborates with you to design beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that elevate your lifestyle. They combine insightful design with meticulous attention to detail, creating landscapes that are both valuable and uniquely yours.

Bellwether Landscape Architects |  @bellwetherlandscapearchitects

5. Kingdom Woodworks 

Chic entryway with bench and storage featured in The Scout Guide.

Kingdom Woodworks makes your dream kitchen and exquisite built-ins become a reality. They handcraft custom cabinetry tailored to your unique vision, style and personality. From timeless designs to cutting-edge engineering, their commitment to excellence in every detail shines through with an unrivaled selection of styles and finishes.

Kingdom Woodworks@kingdomwoodworks

6. Heirloom Tree and Garden

Elegant garden pavilion with tile roof and poolside loungers, featured in The Scout Guide.

Discover the art of luxury gardens and bespoke outdoor services with Heirloom Tree and Garden. Their skilled tree crew and plant health care specialists curate exclusive collections of natural specimens, elevating high-end landscapes and outdoor living spaces effortlessly.  

Heirloom Tree and Garden@heirloomtreeandgarden

7. ESD Homes

Elegant kitchen with marble counters and pendant light, featured in The Scout Guide.

ESD Homes specializes in custom renovations and luxury builds. Even if you’re outside the area, they offer consulting services to help you assemble the perfect project team. At ESD Homes, collaboration is key to crafting beautiful, functional spaces that stand the test of time.

ESD Homes@esdhomes

8. Claudia Stimmel Interiors

Elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub, showcased by The Scout Guide.

Claudia O. Stimmel, founder of Simplicity a Southern Lifestyle, LLC., crafts spaces that resonate with her clients’ individual lifestyles. Her upbringing in the Southwestern U.S. roots her work in a passion for Southern aesthetics, shaping homes that authentically reflect their owners’ personalities. Since the mid-90s, Claudia has been captivated by Southern charm, infusing her designs with its timeless allure.

Claudia Stimmel Interiors@claudiastimmel

9. Siegel Construction & Design

Elegant home with manicured lawn featured by The Scout Guide.

David and Kathy Siegel have been working to transform houses into stunning statements for over 20 years. They prioritize clear communication, keeping you informed on budget, timeline and design trends. Their accessible approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable building or renovation experience from start to finish.

Siegel Construction & Design@siegelconstructionanddesign

10. Floralis Garden Design

Elegant poolside outdoor setting featured in The Scout Guide.

Floralis is a company passionate about creating beautiful and unique outdoor spaces. Their mission is to design gardens that are both innovative and meticulously crafted. They achieve this through a combination of services including plant selection, furnishing choices and seasonal touches. With clear communication throughout the process, Floralis ensures every project meets the highest standards.

Floralis Garden Design@floralis_garden_design