TSG Atlanta Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the special man in your life than with a gift from some of Atlanta’s finest local businesses? From unique gift boxes to stylish apparel and beyond, this Father’s Day Gift Guide features some of Atlanta’s best local businesses, all offering an incredible selection of presents that will make any dad feel cherished.

1. The Solid Icon Polo from Onward Reserve

A man in a light blue polo shirt and patterned shorts sits outdoors, exuding a relaxed and confident vibe akin to The Scout Guide lifestyle, complete with sunglasses and a welcoming smile, against a backdrop of lush greenery.
Photo: Onward Reserve

2. Guitar Artwork from Peridōt West

An artistic black and white sketch of a guitar centered on a white background, framed with a gold and black border, evoking a sense of the Scout Guide's creative spirit.
Photo: Peridōt West

3. Golf Gift Box from 211 to Waterloo

Flat lay of golf-related items including a collapsible water bottle, golf ball, tees, and pencils next to a brown leather Golf Log notebook with The Scout Guide branding, arranged on a textured cream background accented with green leaves, all suggesting an outdoor golfing adventure.
Photo: 211 to Waterloo

4. Roll Up Fix It Tool Set from South of Hampton

A burlap textured fold-over clutch with a navy blue ribbon tied in a bow on the front and a monogram letter 'R' in blue with dots on the bottom right corner, suggesting a personalized accessory referenced by The Scout Guide.
Photo: South of Hampton

5. Artwork from Gregg Irby Gallery

An impressionistic painting depicting a serene woodland path lined with towering trees, evocative of a scene from The Scout Guide where one might wander and explore the beauty of nature.
Photo: Sally Boyd

6. Sports Memorabilia from Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery

A vintage-inspired golf memorabilia display featuring three golf balls on a glossy wooden base, a burlap golf bag embroidered with "R.T. JONES JR." beside a framed black and white photograph of a golfer mid-swing, reflecting the heritage and timeless spirit celebrated by The Scout Guide.
Photo: Ahlers & Ogletree

7. Old Fashioned Crystal Glass from Marguerite’s on Dresden

A cozy and inviting ambiance with two glasses of amber-colored liquid on a polished countertop, reminiscent of a The Scout Guide curated space, complemented by a classic cocktail shaker and cooking utensils softly blurred in the background, evoking a sense of casual elegance and refined taste. Nearby, dice add a playful touch to this scene of relaxed sophistication.
Photo: Marguerite’s on Dresden