Traditions + Gratitude

The holidays are often full of tradition for many families. Every year, as we sit at the table together on Thanksgiving, one of our own family traditions emerges with our mom leading the way. We each go around the table and list at least one thing we are grateful for. Simple and meaningful, it is a moment to slow down, spend time with one another, reflect on the year, and savor the day.

Gratitude presents itself in different ways for everyone. As we enter this season of giving and thanks, we took a look back at some TSG Aspen moments where gratitude shone through. Here are words of thanks and giving that members, former and current, and we as your Editors, have shared.

“Every day, I end in gratitude. I take a shower, read, and meditate. I pray and give thanks to everything that happened or will happen.” -Mawa McQueen | Read more

“…the thing that makes Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley stand apart is the intangible feeling of community.” -Eliza Voss | Read more

“I went off the grid. No email. No text messages. No phone. No social media. No connection to WiFi. This was intentional on my part. All so I can focus on what is right in front of me – my family, my friends, and the world right outside my front door.” – Erin Forsey | Read more

“The views never get old, and I love finding beauty in between the seasons.” – Brooke Casillas Welgos | Read more

“We are so lucky to live in a country with so many diverse landscapes, towns, and cities, you can easily spend as much time as you want to explore our backyard!” – Kaleigh Kirkpatrick | Read more

“Extend gratitude to the local employees that keep our towns running. -Amy Groom and Erin Forsey | Read more

“Now is the perfect time to teach the little ones in our lives about philanthropy and what it means to give back to others.” -The Caplan Group | Read more

“The same thing that brought us here is still our favorite part. Crystal clear air, the most vibrant green we have ever seen, and bright blue skies all year round.” -Kelly Hollins and Lisa Cohen | Read more

“There are so many creative individuals throughout our valley and unique opportunities and events to explore. Plus, the number of non-profits doing good and giving back is astounding. This is an area that truly cares for another.” -Amy Groom and Erin Forsey | Read more

We are feeling full of thanks for the community of small-business owners, friends, and supporters that are part of TSG Aspen. Happy thanksgiving from our families to yours.

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