The Side Show

Our first Thanksgiving in the Roaring Fork Valley was in 2003 and involved one big turkey, legendary mashed potatoes, and some of the best company we could ever ask for – our parents. Fast forward almost two decades later, and it is still the side dishes that are the true star. Every year.

A peek inside our Thanksgiving recipe guide, The Side Show, and you’ll see we love a good side dish. We’ve got two relishes (including Erin’s favorite spicy cranberry relish), a homemade stuffing that is absolutely worth the work, mashed potatoes with attitude, two green vegetable sides (with Amy’s epic brussels sprouts leading the way), and an easy cornbread muffin recipe. Plus, our favorite stuffed dates to eat before, during, and after the meal. Yes, they’re that good!

Despite the turkey trying to take center stage, we are certain that one of our favorite side dishes will be the true winner this year. Even if it’s just a table for two at home tasting all the culinary delights of the day, may you be full of thanks and ever blessed with giving all season long. And have plenty of leftovers to last you all weekend long.

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