Meet the TSG Aspen Team

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As we launch into a new Volume for TSG Aspen, we’re excited to have Brooke Casillas Welgos, former Editor + Owner, continue on with us as our photographer. Teamwork makes the dream work!

If you haven’t had a chance to learn about us, Amy + Erin, your new Editors + Owners of TSG Aspen, here’s a peek into how we came to be part of TSG.

Amy: We are owners of The Hello Co., formerly Express Yourself, in Basalt, Colorado. Several years ago Brooke approached us about being in Volume 2 of The Scout Guide. As a small retail business, it was a leap for us. But it turned into a fulfilling leap of faith.

Erin: It absolutely changed the trajectory of our business. We’ve been in business since 2003 and a lot has changed since then! No more fax machines or dial up internet and hello social media! It was The Scout Guide Aspen that helped us define our dream and seek more of a long-term vision for our business, all while adapting to the changing climate of a local economy.

A: And not to mention the shift in the way people shopped! The fact that TSG Aspen is published once a year provided us with an opportunity to think quality and not quantity. Investing in one channel of print marketing that is produced annually gave us the freedom to think bigger and think longer.

E: And you cannot deny that the guide is beautiful. Being part of TSG Aspen has allowed us to pivot. Into something quite beautiful.

A: Clients love the guide. Brides want them in every welcome bag. And we love looking at what gems we can discover when we are traveling. The Scout Guides are our go-to! As small business owners we love supporting other small business owners.

E: We are really excited to be a part of TSG Aspen, not only for ourselves but for all the members coming on board for Volume 6. Every single business has a story to tell, and we’re here to share it with all of you.

Amy Groom is a true Colorado native. Growing up in the foothills of Denver, she graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder School of Architecture with a bachelor’s in Environmental Design. Making her way west to the Roaring Fork Valley, she joined sister Erin at the family gift and stationery boutique in Basalt. She ultimately met her husband Jeff, a native cowboy, and took to growing roots in the valley. Exploring the areas historic towns by foot and venturing into the back country by horse, she has effortlessly called the region home for more than ten years. Mom to a son and owner of a branding and paper goods design studio, she spends her spare time with family and friends, both on and off the mountains, and loves to live local. 

Erin Jones is native at heart. Born in the Midwest and raised in Colorado, she graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and spent several years living on the east and west coast. Finally returning home to the siren call of Colorado, she moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2003, where she met her now husband Jeff (yep, another Jeff!) within weeks of unpacking her first box. He showed her the best of the Aspen area – from the top of snowy mountains to the basement music venues – and she was hooked on the Roaring Fork Valley for life. Now calling Cherry Hills Village home with her husband and two daughters, the lure of the region and the love of the community keeps her coming back as often as possible.

After being a member of TSG Aspen for several years with their local business, this sister duo is excited to take over the Editor role for TSG Aspen.

Three Favorite Reasons to visit Aspen:

1. The Seasons. Skiing reigns supreme, but it is the summer months that keep us hooked for more. Spring is a favorite time to unwind during our quieter off-season, and fall is unquestionably beautiful. It’s Aspen, after all.

2. The Community. The music, food, fashion, art, and entrepreneurial scene thrives here. There are so many creative individuals throughout our valley and unique opportunities and events to explore. Plus, the number of non-profits doing good and giving back is astounding. This is an area that truly cares for another.

3. Off the grid. Whether you want to bike for the day, camp at the Bells, or hike the trail to Crested Butte, there are endless ways to unplug from the craziness and plug into the calm and beauty of mother nature. And there is always a great bar or restaurant waiting for us on the other side!

Words to live by: We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something to someone.