Ski Season Prep

Getting ready for ski season is more than grabbing your Aspen ski pass, it’s a combination of mind, body, and logistical preparation. Whether you are a local ski season veteran or a visitor looking to take on some weekend warrior turns, a little pre-ski prep can help your ski season go much smoother.

Tackle Your Gear // Round up the wayward gloves and take stock of your ski sock inventory. Do your boots still fit well? Any tear repairs that need to be made? Skis tuned up and ready? Take the time now to make sure you’ve got it all ready for the season and give it all a good wash. Nothing worse than heading out for you first turns and realizing something is broke or missing.

Helmet Check // Ski helmets should last about five years. Elements wear and weaken over time, so stay safe on the slopes and upgrade to a new helmet now.

Is there such a thing as too much snow?

Rack Ready // How are you getting your gear to the slopes? Check for rust and wear and tear on ski racks and track down that elusive, tiny key. Get your hitch-mounted ski rack ready to ride and if traveling, consider a ski bag with wheels for flying.

Let Leg Day Commence // Squats and lunges are ready to move into your workout rotation to strengthen your key leg muscles. Barre work helps to activate your smaller muscles while cycling can build up your endurance. Add in some planks for core work too to keep you stabilized on the slopes. And don’t forget to the value of yoga for flexibility and stretching.

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