Meet the Engel + Lansburgh Team

We recently caught up with Jennifer Engel and Marian Lansburgh of Engel + Lansburgh to gain insight into what they love about working and living here in the Roaring Fork Valley. As seasoned brokers – they have more than four decades of combined experience – their local knowledge is valuable and their presence is always welcome. Read on to find out which of the two is detailed and who likes to solve problems.

What inspired you to start in your career?

Marian: When my last child started school, I felt that I needed to do something where I could meet people, contribute financially (especially if I was going to spend time away from my kids), and work in an industry where I could help people because I knew I liked dealing with different personalities from my previous jobs. I have always been interested in real estate, interiors, and understanding various contracts. 

Jen: In my 20’s, I worked as a private assistant for a highly respected top real estate broker at the top firm in Aspen. She was an amazing mentor and friend and taught me the ins and outs of every aspect of the business. Unfortunately, she became sick and I helped her manage her business until she passed away. I knew then that I was so lucky to be armed with all of the tools to be a successful broker. This was almost 20 years ago, so I’m very fortunate to have had such an incredible start and many of my best clients were originally clients and friends of my mentor.

What three words best describe you and your business?

M: Truthful, honorable, and detailed. 

J: Relationship-focused, challenging, creative problem-solving

 What is your favorite thing about your career?

M: Now I have a great partner (for the past 8 years), and this makes our jobs more efficient, so we can give 100% instead of being spread too thin, and it is a lot more FUN!  After all, if you aren’t having fun, then how can you be the best at what you do?

We love to hear the enthusiasm! Jen, what are your thoughts?

J: The collaboration with my partner to come up with the best solutions for our clients, and the fact that no two deals are ever the same. We continue to learn and grow with every sale, and we constantly work with interesting people from all walks of life. Many of our clients have become trusted friends and we often have the opportunity to work with them over and over again through the years.


Real estate is a hot topic locally and has been a major discussion point for many years. What is the biggest misconception about your business or industry?

M: The biggest misconception is that real estate brokers are just concerned with making a commission. This isn’t the way Jen and I operate. Servicing our clients from the showings to an offer and making sure that we represent our clients in their best interest is what we are all about. There are so many details that need follow-up in order to get the deal done and make it appear seamless from start to finish!

J: Finding the right home and negotiating the best deal for our clients is part of the process, but many people don’t realize that the work often begins after your clients put the property under contract. Knowing how to problem solve and work with the proper vendors and other brokers to get to the finish line is crucial.

Tell us, what are your favorite things about Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley?

M: My favorite things about living in the mountains are the beauty, outdoor activities in summer and winter, and living in a small town. Living full-time in this community keeps it local – we know the ins and outs of every area, the good restaurants, the hiking trails, and which mountain to ski to avoid the crowds. And always remembering why we first moved here!

What is your favorite place to shop?

J: I love shopping at The Loft in Basalt and at Lulubelle in Carbondale.

Do you have a favorite non-profit or cause you care about?

M: We always like to support various causes that need help. A few of them are The Hope Center, The Aspen Buddy Program, and The Aspen Jewish Congregation. 

J: Plus, Youth Entity and the Snowmass Patrol Foundation.

What does your off-season look like?

J: Springtime always calls me to the beach or a tropical location, particularly after a long winter season. But there is nowhere prettier than Colorado in the fall – golden seas of Aspen trees, picture-perfect blue skies, and very often we have beautiful, warm weather through October. And we have hiking and biking trails and popular restaurants all to ourselves. The pace is a little slower and it really feels like a small town.

Time for last thoughts. Anything else you want our readers to know?

J & M: We love working as a team to give our clients white-glove service, advocate for their needs, negotiate the best deal and ensure the process is seamless and successful.

To learn more about Jennifer and Marian, visit the Engel + Lansburgh website.
And look for them in Volume 9 of The Scout Guide Aspen.

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