TSG Gardening Tips with Flat Creek Plant Farm

Meet Ryan and Sarah from Flat Creek Plant Farm – a family-owned nursery rooted in a love for all things green! Specializing in perennial flowers, shrubs, and evergreens tailored for Western North Carolina, this passionate duo has grown their humble beginnings on Facebook into a flourishing plant haven. With a wealth of experience, they’re here to share valuable tips for preparing your garden for spring. Dive into the green world with the expertise of Flat Creek Plant Farm!

Couple standing in a garden each holding a dog
Image by Rachael McIntosh Photography

Early Bed Care

Mulch and amend your beds early in the season. This not only suppresses weeds but also allows the soil to settle, freeing up your valuable time during the bustling spring planting season. But…

Planting Wisdom

Exercise patience when planting annuals and veggies. Grandma’s advice holds true – wait until Mother’s Day. Early planting might not kill your plants, but in cool soil, they may just become slug bait.

Conquer Clay Challenges

In WNC, the biggest challenge is dealing with heavy clay. You can till it if you have a powerful enough machine or opt for raised beds filled with quality topsoil, compost, and manure as the best solution for your garden.

Pallet of plants in a nursery

Mulching Magic

Embrace the benefits of mulch in your garden. Opt for a fine shredded bark mulch to protect your plants, maintain moisture, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden.

Feed Your Garden

Give your veggies a boost with the right fertilizer. Ozmocote, a slow-release option, works wonders for annuals and vegetables, providing sustained nourishment for optimal growth.

Smart Timing for Trees and Shrubs

Hold off on fertilizing your trees and shrubs until the threat of deep freezes has passed, typically around mid to late April. This timing ensures they receive the nutrients they need without risking damage from late frosts.

Armed with these gardening insights, you’re set to usher in spring with a garden that flourishes. Happy gardening!