Highland Brewing's Disc Golf Course Ranked 7th Best in the World

Highland Brewing has been honored by UDISC, the leading online disc golf app, as the 7th best brewery disc golf course in the world! Nestled in scenic, wooded terrain, this course features professional-level targets, multiple basket locations, and a full 18 holes. This offers both seasoned players a challenging experience and novices an accessible introduction to the sport.

Disc golf course map in the woods, part of The Scout Guide.
Image by Highland Brewing

“The woods were full of invasive species for years. We are always trying to think of ways to move guests through the property and share the beauty of the land. With much hard work, the course came to life,” said Highland’s Vice President, Brock Ashburn.

Players can enjoy the unique layout, beginning with the front 9, which sets a perfect tone for the game. After completing the first half, take a quick break to the Meadow bar to pick up your favorite Highland beer. The latter half of the course presents a greater challenge with its abundant elevation changes, water features, and stunning woodlands.

For those in need of discs, Highland Brewing’s merch store offers high-quality discs to ensure your game goes smoothly.

Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer or a newcomer, Highland Brewing’s disc golf course provides an exceptional and enjoyable experience. Come for the game, stay for the beer, and relish the beauty of this world-class course!