Get to Know | Jeffrey Burroughs of Jeffrey Burroughs New York

Meet Jeffrey Burroughs, the creative genius behind Jeffrey Burroughs New York, a fine jewelry brand celebrated for its unique designs rich in symbolism and personal meaning. Inspired by art, fashion, and design, Jeffrey combines ancient traditions with modern elegance to create wearable art that resonates with beauty and quality. Get to know Jeffrey and some of their favorite things!

A joyous person accessorized with layers of necklaces and multiple bracelets and rings on each hand, wearing a black sequined garment with feather details, celebrating a bold, expressive style in front of a black and white umbrella backdrop, conveying an exuberant vibe reminiscent of The Scout Guide's celebration of local style and personality.
Image by Anastasiia Photography

What are 2 things you never leave the house without?

Jewelry + Ashley (YKIYK).

What is “your” song?

“Save Room” by John Legend, however I share the song with my husband.

Do you have any bad habits?

Nope, I’m absolutely perfect, and happily in my “Sold As Is” era.

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to experience every luxury train ride across the world, especially the Orient-Express.

What is your favorite LOCAL thing to do when you have guests from out of town?

Jewelry at Jeffrey, ribeye at the Admiral, sunset at the Radical’s Rooftop, and cocktails at Anoche.