Get to Know | Dr. Jenny Jackson of Asheville Pediatric Dentistry

Introducing Dr. Jenny Jackson, the founder of Asheville Pediatric Dentistry, a compassionate dental practice focused on providing exceptional care to young patients. With a gentle approach and a commitment to creating positive dental experiences, Dr. Jackson and her team strive to make each visit enjoyable and educational for children. Learn more about Dr. Jackson and her favorite LOCAL things to do!

A smiling woman in a blue dress sits on a colorful stool in a playroom with an animal and jungle mural, surrounded by three young children, embodying the adventurous spirit of The Scout Guide in the warmth of shared family moments.
Image by Anastasiia Photography

What are 2 things you never leave the house without?

A positive outlook – if I’m looking for the good, I can find it.
The intention to stay present. This brings more joy and peace in the day as well as focus on whomever I’m with or whatever I’m doing.

What is “your” song?

What a Wonderful World.

Do you have any bad habits?

I have struggled with perfectionism since I was young. Thankfully, I am working on it, to be kinder to myself and strive for excellence instead. I want to instill this yearning for excellence, not perfection, in my children as well, as perfection is unattainable.

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Tahiti and French Polynesia with my family.

What is your favorite LOCAL thing to do when you have guests from out of town?

We enjoy hiking to the local waterfalls, taking them out to eat at the amazing variety of restaurants Asheville has, and going for walks in our neighborhood.