Discover the Thrill of Auction with Brunk Auctions

Embark on the exciting journey into the world of buying and selling with flair at Brunk Auctions, a seasoned player in the auction industry for over forty years. Specializing in fine art, antique furniture, jewelry, Asian art, and countless other areas of collecting, they’re a go-to for expertise and excellence. Brunk provides a platform for individuals to buy and sell high-quality items through live and online auctions, ensuring a carefully curated selection with attention to detail and professionalism. Brunk aims to create a straightforward experiences thais clearly communicated and consistent while providing thoughtful client service.

Couple sitting in front of paintings and other works of art

Why Should You Participate in an Auction?

Participating in an auction adds an exciting twist to buying or selling unique items. The bidding process guarantees fair market values, creating a thrilling opportunity to discover rare finds and potentially make savvy investments. The team of seasoned appraisers at Brunk provides expert evaluation and authentication which creates a transparent and trustworthy environment for both buyers and sellers.

How Does the Auction Process Work?

Navigating the auction process with Brunk is a breeze. Prospective sellers can easily chat with the auction house about consignment options and buyers can easily register for upcoming auctions online.


  • Contact Brunk: Reach out to discuss what you want to sell.
  • Item assessment: Experts at Brunk evaluate your items and handle all the cataloging.
  • Auction time: Your items go up for auction, attracting bids from interested buyers.


  • Register online: Sign up on Brunk’s website to get started.
  • Browse auctions: View upcoming auctions and the items being offered.
  • Bid away: Join the excitement by bidding in person, over the phone, or online.

As a beacon for art, antiques, and collectibles enthusiasts, Brunk Auctions offers a seamless entry into the world of auctions.

Visit Brunk Auctions at 117 Tunnel Road, Asheville or at 828-254-6846. And don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!