An Inspired Easter Table

Easter presents the perfect opportunity to create a spring tablescape celebrating the beauty of the new season. From gathering fresh flowers to incorporating elegant and timeless elements to ways to add a touch of whimsy that the younger set will love, here’s our approach to setting the Easter table:

Bring the outside in. If you live in an area that’s already in bloom, grab the clippers and start collecting flowers from your backyard. Moss, which provides a fresh, organic base for delicate pansies and other elements to perch on, is another prime candidate for backyard foraging.

Put a twist on tradition. Embrace the eggs and bunnies associated with the holiday with pretty, playful touches. Fill small vessels with egg-shaped candies (we like to group similarly colored pieces together for cohesion) and incorporate fresh lettuce into the mix that you can later plant outside.

Keep your color palette light and focused. For Easter, we tend to lean toward a nature-inspired palette with a few pretty pastels. On TSG Co-founder Christy Ford’s table (featured above), green candles and French blue opaline glassware feel fresh and spring-like, while pale pink and white accents provide softness and depth.

Vary shapes and sizes. Low, small vessels placed across the surface make it easy to see across the table and keep the eye moving. In the center, a grouping of silver and glass vases of varying heights, materials, and opacity anchored by a silver tray serves as a focal point and adds interest.