The best deal lies in the details- this one room can make or break your home sale!

Read below for some real estate tips and tricks you may not have thought of, thanks to this advice from Jillian Hogan Homes!

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A contractor and career flipper told me a funny thing the other day: “I always make sure to finish the laundry room in every house I work on. Because when buyers see how much thought and energy you put into that room, they know you put just as much, if not more, into the rest of the home.”

You know when you walk into a nice restaurant and you immediately want to “check out the bathroom” (aka see how cute and decorated it is for your mirror selfies). Because we all know the fancy restaurants have the most decked out bathrooms, and for what reason??? Well, let’s unpack that. In a restaurant, you want to have an organized, clean and curated experience. When an establishment takes the time to provide that same service to a non-focal point like the restrooms, you know you are going to experience a high quality level of service and atmosphere. Here’s the mic drop moment: you can look at houses the exact same way.

Homeowners, show of hands: How many of you have taken the time, energy and financial investment into finishing out your unfinished laundry room? I’ll wait…
But in all seriousness, if you haven’t I dont blame you! We all know as homeowners, the work on the house never stops and there is always something to fix, treat, update or replace. And a million of those punch list items would come before making your laundry room look aesthetically pleasing.  

So, buyers, when you tour a home, take a closer look at the rooms you normally shrug off- laundry rooms, mudrooms, garages, utility spaces, even attics! The way these “afterthought” spaces present themselves can tell you a lot about the home’s condition and the steps the sellers took (or didn’t take) to make their home shine the brightest on the block.

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