Member Spotlight - ACCESS Style

We are the ACCESS | Style team, consisting of Laura Gregory & Drew Sez. We first met in high school and became fast friends due
to our shared love for style, design, and our excitement for ‘dress down’ days when we could show off our personal style; a refreshing opportunity as we were typically seen in our school uniforms. We were both born and raised in the Northern Virginia area and Laura currently lives in Lovettsville and Drew lives in Old Town,
Alexandria. We provide Fashion and Interior styling services that assist our clients with expressing their personal style from head-to-toe and room-to-room. Our most popular services include Closet Audits, Fashion or Interior LookBooks, and Event Styling

A woman in an elegant black off-the-shoulder dress with a distinctive brooch and a man in a classic black suit sit beside each other against a white background. The woman is seated on a reflective metal box while the man is sitting at a lower level with his elbow resting on the box. A floor lamp with a white shade adds a decorative touch to the composition, reminiscent of a polished The Scout Guide photoshoot.
Access Style Photo Shoot. (Joy Asico / Asico Photo)

Can you tell us about the history of your business and how it got started? What inspired you to start your business?
After many years of helping style our friends & family, we decided to make it our business and formally share our styling skills! We wanted to provide people access to style with an Affordable Cost- Conscious Expert Styling Service.

What do you consider to be your biggest success or accomplishment in business so far?

We are so thankful to have had some of our styling clients featured on the red carpet recently, including Broadway opening nights & various Award ceremonies

What sets your business apart from others in the same industry? We take pride in being able to style our clients at any budget because we believe that chic does not need to be expensive; it’s all about being confident in your own personal style

Favorite/most rewarding part about your business? We love seeing our client’s initial reaction when they first see their newly organized closet, designed space, or the outfits in their LookBook. We love hearing their excitement when they can now see all of their clothing organized properly and express how much easier it will be to get ready every day. Another favorite reaction is when we hear them say that they ‘would have never thought to put the outfit together this way’ and get excited to try new styles out. These reactions make us feel bonded to our clients and make us grateful that they have allowed us into their spaces, which can be a very vulnerable experience.

A man and a woman stand beside a garment rack, interacting with suit covers embroidered with The Scout Guide logo, suggesting a focus on fashion and style. The man, wearing a black suit and glasses, holds a suit cover, while the woman, in an elegant black dress, unveils a tailored suit, highlighting a luxurious and professional atmosphere.
Access Style Photo Shoot. (Joy Asico / Asico Photo)

List of your favorites –

  • Alexandria Restaurant
    ▪ Drew: Sisters Thai
    ▪ Laura: Josephine
  • Cocktail/Drink
    ▪ Drew: Spicy Margarita
    ▪ Laura: Red Wine
  • Vacation Destination
    ▪ Drew: Philippines
    ▪ Laura: Paris
  • Tv series
    ▪ Drew: Will & Grace
    ▪ Laura: SATC
  • Season
    ▪ We both love the Fall/Winter months for the fashion – we
    get very excited to wear our seasonal outerwear, layered
    outfits, & winter accessories in the colder weather