A Festive Fall Table

Early fall is a wonderful time to entertain outdoors. The air feels fresh with welcome hints of chilliness, and while the vibrancy of summer still remains evident throughout nature, the beginning of fall has begun to creep into the landscape in lovely and subtle ways. When setting our outdoor tables, we try to mimic this sense of autumnal anticipation, celebrating the beauty of spending yet another evening outside while acknowledging the changing season with a slightly more muted and sophisticated palette.

The foundations for a festive fall table are comprised of chic, rustic elements that will anchor the look. The Reclaimed Iron Wood Plank table and Bench and set of henan weathered blue pottery, available from Circa Interiors and Antiques in Birmingham, and Natural Antler Handle Flatware, available from Maze home in Chicago, will beautifully set the tone for an elegant outdoor evening.

Dappled light always sets a magical scene, and with the sun setting earlier by the day, this robin’s egg blue hued metal filigree lantern from Dwelling and Design in Easton, Maryland, is a must. The handcrafted artisan edges and earth-toned hues the Joan Platt stoneware, available from Atlanta’s Signature, make it a natural choice for a casual yet refined outdoor affair. The clean lines of this concrete and fiberglass table from Baton Rouge’s Red Onion would contrast well against a natural backdrop and suit outdoor hosts with more modern tastes.

As the above tabletop by New Orleans’s Leontine Linens proves, cool blues mixed with jewel tones form an absolutely lovely combination that would be perfect for autumn. Get the look with an ocean-colored linen dinner napkin from Leontine Linens and the amethyst juice glass from And George. And should you wish to complete the scene with a New Orleans balcony of your own, call realtor Lynn Morgan at 504.473.8320.

For the truly perfect fall table, add a few finishing touches: something personal, something whimsical, and something natural.