7 Things Our Memphis & Oxford Editor is Loving Right Now

Photography by Selavie Photography

As small business advocates who are constantly scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate, and as dynamic and creative women who tend to seek out inspiration in a variety of areas, TSG editors are excellent sources of unique recommendations. Recently, we checked in with The Scout Guide Memphis, Tennessee and Oxford, Mississippi editor Stephanie Stephens to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Here, she shares her obsessions, from gorgeous glassware she’s gifting to an all-season bag and her latest de-stressing pastime. 

1. What I’m Wearing

Lowery Cheetah “Scott’’ Handbag // “I love J. Lowery bags; I have two, including the Scott. I love how versatile it is and I use it all year long. The backpack style elevates any outfit, and the cheetah print can really go with anything. Sometimes it’s better to have some print than a basic black or brown bag. Cicada has my favorite one in stock!” 

2. What I’m Using

Barefoot Dreams Boucle Throw // “My mom got me this beautiful white Barefoot Dreams blanket from Bella Vita for Christmas and it might be my all-time favorite gift. Whether I’m sitting at my desk sending emails or curled up on the couch reading a book (or scrolling Instagram), you will find this cozy blanket around me. It’s the one blanket I won’t let Gus, my Goldendoodle, get too close to!” 

3. What I’m Eating

Tuscan White Bean Noodle Soup // “February in Memphis is cold, dark, and dreary, and all I ever want is a comforting bowl of soup. This Tuscan White Bean Noodle Soup recipe by Caramelized is delicious. I usually make a large batch of soup on Sunday nights and eat it throughout the week for lunch. But when I make this, my husband and I don’t usually have any left to eat by Tuesday!”

4. What I’m Decorating With

Savannah Jewell Art // “I was beyond thrilled to purchase artwork by Savannah Jewell Art last summer. Her beautiful pieces complete my living room and are something we get to enjoy every single day. She has shows every once in a while, or sells pieces through her Instagram, but the best way to have your own Savannah Jewell is by commissioning with her. She’s so easy to work with!”

5. What I’m Gifting

Estelle Colored Stemware from Lisa Mallory //“I have an array of these wine glasses in different pastel colors and they look gorgeous sitting in my glass cabinet. I feel so glamorous drinking out of them that I often just use them for my sparkling water. Added bonus: they’re a fun gift because you can choose whatever colors best fit your friends and family. The team at Lisa Mallory will order any Estelle colored glass for you, whether you want to mix and match or have all the same color!”

6. What I’m Reading

Occasional Magic: True Stories About Defying the Impossible // “Before bed, I try my best to not look at my phone. I always loved bedtime stories growing up, and every now and then I still crave a good story before going to sleep. My husband isn’t the best storyteller, so I turned to these books presented by The Moth, an organization that celebrates the commonality and diversity of human experience through the art and craft of true, personal storytelling. I love reading these short stories told by real people every night. I always learn something new.”

7. What I’m Doing

Needlepointing a Summer Cocktail Coaster // “I picked up a new hobby during the pandemic—needlepointing. I love it because I can needlepoint while watching TV, listening to a podcast, or going on a road trip. It’s been therapeutic, and it’s so nice to create something just for fun. This coaster is my latest project and I will most likely get a few more to create a set.”

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