7 Things Our Knoxville Editor Is Loving Right Now

Photography by Caroline Trotter.

As advocates for small businesses, The Scout Guide editors are continually scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate. With their fingers on the pulse, they are also excellent sources of unique recommendations. Recently, we caught up with The Scout Guide Knoxville editor Frances King to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Here, she shares her current obsessions, from a local musician to a charming children’s shop to her go-to source for gifts.


Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum from The Beauty Mrkt // “I’m always looking for ways to improve my beauty routine and I love this Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum from The Beauty Mrkt. It’s lightweight, glides on with ease, and smells divine!”


Local musician Erick Baker // “Knoxville native Erick Baker is a singer songwriter whose music blends a mix of American roots influences from country and rock to folk, soul, and blues that results in a powerful, seamless sound. He recently performed at TSG Knoxville Volume 6 member The Tennessee Theater and it was an amazing show. I recently discovered his sister, wedding and event planner Jennifer Laraia, is also a Volume 6 member! I love all the connections in East Tennessee.”


Floral Poplin A-Line Dress from Pearl by Lela Rose // “I wear many hats in my daily routine.  In addition to being an editor for TSG Knoxville, I am also a mom to three  adorable girls, a Lela Rose Pearl Girl, a volunteer, and when time allows, a tennis player. I go from meetings to carpool to cooking dinner daily and want to be comfortable. If the weather is warm enough, I go for a Pearl dress and I’m loving this spring green! But you never know what you’ll get in East Tennessee with the weather during the spring, so more often than not I am layering blouses like this Marie Oliver Kendra blouse from Est8te with my fave pair of jeans and kicks.”


Bridgerton on Netflix // “Like many others, I am anticipating the arrival of season 2 of Bridgerton on March 25. In the meantime, I am re-watching season 1 and loving every second of this true escapism show.”


Vintage puzzles and marble trays from The Happy Envelope // “The Happy Envelope is my go-to stop for little happies and sussies. I can always find something for everyone, but their puzzles and trays are my favorites. Their e-commerce site is great and their in-house gift wrap makes your gift even more special!”


Palm Beach for spring break // “Spring break is here and I can’t wait to put my toes in the sand. We are taking the girls to Palm Beach to visit their grandparents while I wrap up production on Volume 6! I am planning to meet up with fellow TSG editor Stacey Leuliette for a day of shopping and hanging out like a local.”


Little Happy for children’s attire // “Since we are taking the girls to the beach for spring break, I have been shopping swimsuits and coverups at Little Happy, the wonderful children’s store here in Knoxville. They have the sizes for all of my girls, which makes for an easy one-stop shop. Plus, they ship nationwide, so you need not be here to benefit from their expert curation of finds for the smaller set.” 

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