7 Things Our Charlotte Editor Is Loving Right Now

The Scout Guide Charlotte editor/owner Lisa Sherrill. Photography by Olly Young.

As advocates for small businesses, The Scout Guide editors are continually scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate. With their fingers on the pulse, they are also excellent sources of unique information. Recently, we caught up with Lisa Sherrill, editor of The Scout Guide Charlotte, to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Here, she shares her obsessions, from the hydrating face cream she’ll be using all spring—and summer—long to the wallpaper she’s looking forward to incorporating into her bedroom.

1. What I’m Using

The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader from Woo Skincare + Cosmetics // I’m obsessed with this cream. It’s so hydrating and nourishing and leaves my complexion feeling so youthful. 

2. What I’m Gifting

Trove Jewelry boxes from Tiny Gods Jewelry // These diminutive jewelry boxes are the absolute best gift. They are perfect placed on a bedside table or on your dresser to keep the most precious  jewels in a safe spot.

3. Where I’m Going

Lycette Designs in Palm Beach // I’m always creating needlepoint accessories and ornaments in my downtime and I plan to stock up when I visit Palm Beach. They make a great creative and meaningful gift for my extended family.  

4. What I’m Wearing

Swedish Hasbeen Sandals at Poole Shop // It’s sandal season, and I always find my favorite accessories at Poole Shop, like these sandals with an amazing pop of color. I also find all my season staples at Shop 515.

5. What I’m Drinking

Red Wine Blends from Reid’s Fine Foods // I’m a red wine girl in any season. Reid’s is such a lovely small market, and they have a wonderful, well-edited selection of wine. I always find the perfect red blend to sip.

6. What I’m Coveting

Stephen Wilson Petites // These sweet 5×5 embroidered pieces are the perfect way to brighten my desk space. They come in six charming designs and it’s hard not to buy them all.

7. What I’m Decorating With

Peg Norriss Wallpaper // I’ve never really used wallpaper in my home and am ready to embrace it. It really completes a space beautifully. I love Peg Norriss designs and plan to use Jackie Gendel “Steps” in my bedroom. It is both modern and architectural but in a very soothing palette. It’s a full-scale mural, so I feel like I will find something new in it to love every day and never tire of it.

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