Photography by Megan Bucknall.

As advocates for small businesses, The Scout Guide editors are continually scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate. With their fingers on the pulse, they are also excellent sources of unique recommendations. Recently, we caught up with The Scout Guide Austin editor Shannon Bland to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Here, she shares her current obsessions, from a covetable clutch she’s gifting to the decor books that inspired her home remodel. 


A Custom Clutch from Kelsey Leigh Fine Jewelry & Gifts // I love gifting these custom clutches because they’re thoughtful and personalized, and help commemorate a really special moment in friends lives. Gifting a clutch to a girlfriend with their new last name is a favorite of mine.


Sophia Testa’s Wisdom Painting for my Children’s Room // I’ve always had a hard time picking art, because unless it’s deeply meaningful, I don’t want to look at it every day. Local artist Sophia Testa prays over the space and intentionally designs art that will continue to remind me that I don’t have to rely on my own wisdom, when I have God’s wisdom to lean on.


White Barn Inn & Spa in Kennebunkport, Maine // Growing up with most of my family in Boston, exploring the Northeast Coast has been one of my favorite things about summer. That, and having an escape from triple digit July and August temperatures. This coastal town in Maine is about 90 miles north of Boston with lobster rolls, lighthouses, and some of the cutest local shops and general stores known to man.


Fope Stacking Bands from Korman Fine Jewelry // Fope is a brand that has made its mark as true luxury. My favorite thing is how durable they are. The original Flex’it system features dozens of tiny gold springs which are masterfully placed between each link of an 18 carat gold chain and render it fully flexible. This timeless classic can take me from a happy hour to a work meeting all the way through a black-tie wedding.


Grove Hill Boutique // Whether I need a dress for a wedding, a summer lawn party, or a casual set of jeans and a top to chase my kids around in, Grove Hill ATX always—and I mean always—has a curated selection making it easy to check an outfit off the to-do list. Plus, the owner Kristin and her daughter Ellie make you feel like part of their family when you walk in the door.


Principles of Pretty Rooms by Phoebe Harms from A Custom House // We bought our first home last summer and have been remodeling and updating in phases. Phoebe Harms is the queen of my design world because she uses classic design strategies that are tried and true. It’s given me the guided inspiration to mix traditional styles with fun, more modern elements, keeping our home feeling welcoming and cohesive. Plus, it’s a really beautiful coffee table book that guests enjoy perusing.


Training for the New York City Marathon in support of Flatwater Foundation // I think everyone knows someone who has been touched by a cancer diagnosis. My husband, a cancer survivor, introduced me to this foundation that’s dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, as well as their loved ones, access to mental health therapy and family support.  It’s been an honor to see the impact Flatwater has had on mental health in Austin.

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