7 Steps to Healthy Skin

Even if you love products and have a strong desire to have a healthy, glowing complexion, developing a successful beauty routine can be surprisingly difficult. So when we came across an article by Aspen-based Osmia Organics owner Sarah Villafranco, MD, that breaks the process down into seven easy steps, we were hooked. Below are the basics, and for additional information, you can find the original article here.

Start from the inside out. No product can make up for a lack of sleep, high stress, or an unhealthy diet. To get the glow you crave, you’ll have to take care of your whole body. So before you buy into a skin care brand’s promise, think of the ways you could be living a healthier lifestyle.

Follow a bedtime regimen. There is simply no excuse for not washing your face at night. Removing your makeup and ridding your skin of a day’s worth of dirt is a must. This doesn’t have to entail anything fancy—just a warm washcloth to open up your pores followed by some gentle cleanser.

Be makeup-free once a week. In addition to being an opportunity to let your natural beauty shine, forgoing makeup for a day will give your skin a much-needed break.

Keep your phone and keyboard clean. These shockingly dirty devices harbor dirt and bacteria, which we transfer to our faces with our seemingly clean fingers after use. Wiping them down with a natural antibacterial product a few times a week will cut down on the pore-clogging grime.

Stop magnifying. Nobody looks at your skin through a magnifying glass, and there’s no need to spend time scrutinizing your skin in a magnifying mirror. 

Learn what to avoid and why. Rather than relying on skin care companies and marketing campaigns to tell you why certain chemicals should be avoided, educate yourself by consulting reliable sources like the Environmental Working Group and the Silent Spring Institute. Then you can decide what to put on your body with confidence. 

Know how to spot a responsible skin care company. Being able to recognize whether a company cares about your health—and the health of the environment—is a key factor in choosing skin care products that are right for you. Some characteristics of responsible brands include: if they list all of their ingredients, if they have a founder and/or staff members willing to answer questions, if their team is passionate about the mission, if they take an ethical and sustainable approach to creating their products, and if they inspire you.

TSG Tip 191 from Osmia Organics owner Sarah Villafranco, MD. Osmia Organics is featured in The Scout Guide Aspen. Photograph by The Scout Guide Aspen Editor and photographer Brooke Casillas.