Stress Free Care

In addition to the usual self-improvement resolutions and personal goal-setting that go along with the start of a new year, we’re committing to getting creative with our self-care in 2019. To help keep us on track for a less stressful (and more indulgent) year, we consulted with a few experts on ways to self-prioritize over the next twelve months. Herewith, our list of not-so-traditional ways to give ourselves a little extra TLC, from creating more time for the good stuff to exploring a new pampering regimen.

Cut the clutter. When you think about self-indulgence, decluttering your disorganized spaces is likely not on the top of your list. But in reality, it’s one of the best ways to eliminate that “can’t quite put my finger on it” stress in your life. Carrie Kauffman, professional organizer and owner of Carrie’s Essential Services in Main Line, Pennsylvania, suggests hiring a professional organizer to get your challenging areas (closets, garage, basement, and kitchen) organized, once and for all. “When you get rid of the clutter that is junking up your spaces, you will feel the stress just drift away,” she says. “Physical clutter distracts our minds and makes us feel like our work is never done, thus robbing us of the ability to relax in our very own homes.”

Hire a personal stylist. Hiring a stylist is an investment in yourself, and can result in a huge boost to your self-esteem. After all, when you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great people tend to respond to you in a positive way. “It isn’t about looking like a photo in a magazine. It’s about having your outward appearance match your inward self to feel most authentically you,” shares Leslie Myers, a personal stylist at Bette Boutique in Asheville, North Carolina. “A stylist or wardrobe consultant can shop with you, shop for you, edit your closet, and make recommendations for what is missing. They can also help you put together new combinations with what you already own,” Myers explains. “Most importantly, a stylist can give you a fresh perspective, help you hone your wardrobe as it pertains to you and your lifestyle now, and guide you to a more modern and cohesive style.”

Book a makeup session. We regularly treat ourselves to manicures and pedicures, but makeup consultations tend to take a backseat to other aspects of our beauty routine. For those of us who haven’t had our makeup done professionally in ages, revisiting your palette—and getting a few pointers—can make a world of difference. Huntsville, Alabama-based makeup artist Nancy Finnegan enjoys helping women get out of a rut. With a personal consultation, you will not only get suggestions for new products, but you can also bring your own makeup and get instruction on what works best for you. Make the most of your time and ask for a day and night look, and take pictures. “This is a no-fear zone. Unlike a beauty counter, your makeup artist is going to listen to you and make you look your best,” she shares. “She’ll make you feel a little bit extra without going out of your comfort zone.” To make your appointment feel even more indulgent, Finnegan suggests bringing along a friend and making a fun date of it.

Utilize a concierge service. Think concierges are just for when you’re visiting a hotel? Think again. Hiring a concierge in your hometown can truly alleviate a lot of stress in your life. “Allowing someone else to help you with your day-to-day tasks allows for more time spent with the ones you love,” Bri Boudreaux, owner of Simple Living Concierge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shares. Whether it’s running errands so you can take the kids to their after-school activities, planning a dinner party, organizing the itinerary for out-of-town guests, or coordinating a move to a new home, the services are limited only by your imagination.

Have the pros to do a deep clean. We all know that a clean and organized home is a joy to live in, but what it would take to achieve that level of organization can seem completely overwhelming. Jeri Fritz, the owner and founder of Highland Park Housekeeping in Dallas, Texas, recognizes that outsourcing your tough cleaning jobs is a serious timesaver. Plus, when you have someone else do a deep clean it’s much easier for you to maintain. “Many of my clients ask for extras like cleaning out the fridge and oven, insides of cabinets and drawers, and getting outdoor furniture holiday-ready,” Fritz says. “Then you do the fun part—decorate and have a party!” But don’t forget about the morning after a soirée; the best gift you could give yourself is to hire someone to tidy up afterwards.

Put a new spin on the pedicure. Let’s be real: the best part of the pedicure is the soak and foot massage, right? So, why not make that the focus of your next pampering session? That’s exactly what Wake Foot Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina, offers. “Since many of us don’t enjoy the luxury of escaping to a full-tilt spa on a regular basis, our clients love that they can step into luxury and pampering for about an hour and feel so refreshed for such a small investment of time,” the Sanctuary’s founder and CEO, Melissa Long shares. The communal space, decked out with luxe chairs, guarantees comfort with plush pillows, soft blankets, and hand-hammered copper bowls for a fully-customized, blissed-out foot soak and massage experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more spots like it opening across the nation soon.

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