While any non-essential outside-of-the-house activities are on pause, we’ve been exploring different ways to maintain a semblance of our normal routines—which often means finding an online substitute for what is usually an in-person activity. Fortunately, when it comes to exercise, many fitness studios have stepped in to fill the exercise void with a variety of streaming options. For anyone who might be looking for a digitally-delivered sweat session or inspiration for a new type of class to try, we’ve rounded up a few options from some Scouted fitness studios here (complete with descriptions and pertinent details from the owners), and we highly encourage you to look into the streaming opportunities your local studios are offering. Not sure where to start? Browse the independently owned boutique fitness studios in our online directory, which you can filter by city, here.

Power Vinyasa Yoga Classes offered by Free to Be in New Orleans, Louisiana
The workout: All levels power Vinyasa yoga classes.
Class length: 45-60 minutes
What it entails: This is a challenging, flowing sequence of poses that wakes up your body, increases your heart rate, and makes you sweat.
What it achieves: Challenge yourself to a new edge and take care of yourself physically and mentally. Locals can connect with your New Orleans community!
Intensity level: Medium (low impact workout, rigorous style of yoga).
What you’ll need at home: In terms of equipment, you’ll need a yoga mat. A water bottle and sweat towel are also recommended, but not necessary. Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in, and give yourself enough space for your yoga mat and movement (front to back and side to side). You will need to be able to stand up with your arms up straight over your head. An open living room or outside are great spaces in which to practice.
The details: Classes are free for everyone who follows @freetobepoweryoga on Instagram. To sign up or learn more, search for and follow Free to Be Power Yoga on Instagram. At the time of the live streamed class, log onto Instagram (remember, you can only view live stream content from a phone or tablet—you will not be able to view live stream content from a laptop or desktop computer), go to Free to Be Power Yoga’s profile, and click on the large circle logo at the top left corner of the screen. You will not visible on the live stream, but you can comment to interact with other viewers. The live stream classes can be viewed for 24 hours after the class has occurred.

Dance Cardio and Sculpt Classes offered by Dance Factory Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio
The workout: Founded by a professional dancer/celebrity trainer from New York City, Dance Factory offers two highly addictive virtual classes: dance cardio and sculpt, which are both high intensity and feature professional DJ-mixed playlists.
Class length: 30 minutes
What the classes entail: The class that put Dance Factory Fitness on the map, dance cardio is follow-along style and features simple, repetitive dance moves, HIIT intervals, full body toning, and DJ-mixed music, turning your workout into a dance party. Sculpt is Dance Factory’s high-intensity, low impact strength class that “sculpts” a long, strong body. This full body workout will leave you dripping in sweat and sore for days.
Intensity level: High
What you’ll need at home: While the classes can be done without equipment, you can get creative with things around your house like cans of food in the place of dumbbells, paper plates instead of gliders, and a bath towel instead of a yoga mat to level up your workout. You should wear whatever athleisure makes you feel your best, a good pair of sneakers, and be prepared to sweat. You only need enough room for a plank, a pushup, or to lay down flat on your back. You can get away with just moving your coffee table!
The details: Both 30-minute virtual classes are free for the next 2 weeks on Instagram Live and stream every single day at 1 p.m. Dance Factory Fitness rotates between dance cardio and sculpt daily. For more information, follow @dancefactoryfitness on Instagram and check out their website, dancefactoryfitness.com.

Core-Centric, Pilates-Based Classes offered by Hilliard Studio Method in Charlotte, North Carolina
The workout: Hilliard Studio Method is a core-centric, Pilates-based workout that uses the latest in science and fitness research. HSM’s workout combines cardio, strength, and core in their proprietary Method.
Class length: Videos range in duration, and are found categorized into 1-hour classes, 30 to 45-minute classes, and 20-minute-or-less classes so that you can fit your workout in no matter how much time you have.
What it entails and achieves: The workouts will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning by using signature HSM floor and mat work while incorporating all of their different workout tools, tricks, and moves to help you reach your edge and define your most powerful self. In addition to weight loss and maintenance, clients notice stronger, more defined physiques, more powerful and pain-free cores, improved mental clarity, and empowerment.
Intensity level: All fitness levels are welcome. HSM is a low-impact, high-intensity workout for men and women of all ages. Expect to work safely to your edge where real change happens. Modifications are provided for all, especially those who are pregnant or working through minor injuries when a doctor has approved normal physical exercise.
What you’ll need at home: Clients will need a set of heavy (8, 6, or 5-pound) weights and a set of light (3 pound) weights. A mini stability ball and set of resistance bands can be bought and shipped to you from HSM’s online shop. A dish towel or upside down frisbee work well as gliders, and a soft mat for hardwoods is suggested. A solid surface countertop or sturdy chair are handy for barre work. Live classes list the equipment needed for each class, and videos are also categorized by equipment required—several need no equipment at all. In terms of attire, any workout apparel that helps you focus on form is suitable. The workout is done barefoot to strengthen the muscles, joints, and bones of the feet and body. As for your workout area, a space large enough for a workout mat and a place to hold onto for barre work is all you need!
The details: Only $19/month (or $190/year), beginning with 7 days free, you can stream Hilliard Studio Method from any device. Once you have signed up and created your account online, you can stream on your computer, phone, and most TVs via Apple TV, Roku, and fire TV.  There is also a $10/week vacation package available. Learn more and sign up here.

Barre Cardio offered by SWEAT in Lexington, Kentucky
The workout: Barre Cardio is designed to spike your heart rate and tone your muscles. Sweat has choreographed a class incorporating dance/cardio, barre, weighted arms, and ab work. This class has all the elements for a full body transformation. Modifications are used so all levels of fitness can enjoy a fun sweat session.
Class length: 60 minutes
Intensity level: Moderate but you can increase or decrease your level with your weights.
What you’ll need at home: A 4-foot by 5-foot space. For equipment, you’ll need a countertop or back of the sofa or wall. 3-pound or 5-pound weights, a 5-inch playground ball, and 3-pound or 5-pound ankle weights are optional. As for attire, workout clothes, yoga pants, tennis shoes, or really anything will work—you are at home!
The details: To access the streaming videos, pay a $20.00 fee via Venmo to Allison-Rohrer-3 and include your email address in the transaction to receive 6 links via email. Visit @SweatLex on Instagram to learn more and sign up.

Cycling, JoyAthelete, Yoga, Cardio Pilates, Strength + Stretch, Abs + Arms, Barre, and more Classes offered by JOYRIDE in San Antonio, Texas

The workout: For Zoom and Instagram Live Workouts, classes include Cycling (if you have a bike at home), JoyAthlete, Yoga, Cardio Pilates, Strength + Stretch, Abs + Arms, Barre, and more. Each day varies. For the FORTË app, there is a full library of on-demand JoyRide (cycling) and JoyX (HIIT that may include rowing, boxing, and bodyweight) classes, plus strength, HIIT, Pilates and barre, dance, and more from other incredible boutique studios.
Class length: Classes range from 45 to 60 minutes
Intensity level: Beginner to advanced
What you’ll need at home: In terms of equipment, some classes require light hand weights that can be substituted with creative items around your home (such as cans, water bottles, a bottle of laundry detergent, etc.), a yoga mat or a towel, and water. If you are joining a cycling class, you must have an at-home bicycle. Wear any workout clothing you prefer. As for space requirements, anywhere from a small area in your living room, bedroom, patio, etc. will work. As long as a yoga mat or your bike fits, you can get creative!
The details: Joyride is offering free community classes daily on Instagram Live every morning at 10 a.m. EST (9 a.m. CST) at @joyridestudio. The schedule is posted weekly. For Zoom, classes are free to JoyChampion members who have not frozen their accounts. Otherwise, there is a drop-in free of $10. To join a Zoom class, download the Zoom App on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. If you’re on a laptop, go to www.Zoom.us. Next, go to joyridestudio.com to purchase a Zoom drop-in credit and book yourself in a specific Zoom drop-in class (you must book your class at least 20 minutes before the start time). You will receive a link to the live class 10 minutes prior to the start time. For the studio’s FORTË app, you can purchase a discounted subscription using the promo code: JOYRIDE89. This gives you 30 days free and then 12 months of access for just $89. To take advantage, visit Forte.Fit.