5 Scouted Wellness Coaches You Should Know About

Photography courtesy of Zo Healthy

We can always use support and guidance in our quest to lead a mindful, healthy life, but lately, having a trusted expert to coach us along on our wellness journeys feels more important than ever. Recently, we reached out to our editors for recommendations on wellness coaches offering virtual connection for those seeking professional—and personalized—help in these areas. Whether you’re interested in committing to a mediation practice, improving your nutrition, or finding supplements that are ideally suited to your body, we’ve rounded up five wellness coaches who can uniquely meet your needs. Read on to discover resources who are ready to help you reach your whole health goals.

THE COACH: Audrey Zona of Zo Healthy
LOCATION: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
THE OFFERINGS: Audrey Zona is an integrative health and nutrition coach, specializing in the psychology of eating. In addition to individualized one-on-one health coaching, Audrey offers The Zo-Healthy Program. This eight week virtual program, offered four times a year, includes weekly group discussions and a weekly lesson module that introduces clients to new foods, habits, meal ideas and substitutions.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “The thing we have learned from working with Audrey is that, most importantly, The Zo-Program is not a diet. It is an investment in self-care and an opportunity to understand and reeducate yourself about your nutritional choices so that you will look and feel better,” says Chris Doherty, co-editor of The Scout Guide Bergen County

THE COACHES: Dabney Poorter and Taylor Dukes of Restore and Revive
LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
THE OFFERINGS: Registered nurse and certified nutritionist Dabney Poorter and family nurse practitioner Taylor Dukes are owners/founders of Restore + Revive, a wellness haven offering programs that not only treat the body but the mind and spirit as well. Their team of experienced professionals treat the whole body and consider all underlying causes (i.e., stress levels, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalance) when prescribing a program to reach optimal health and wellness for every client. Programs include nutrition consulting and functional medicine.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Dabney and Taylor are not only knowledgeable and professional through their own experiences and studies, they are an inspiration and their passion is energizing,” says Leigh Brown, editor of The Scout Guide Fort Worth. “Membership programs at Restore + Revive offer guidance for the very best ways to improve health and reach optimal wellness for the long term vs. a quick fix.” 

COACH: Claudia Harpe, MSOTR , NT of Harpe Laser and Wellness
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
THE OFFERINGS: Claudia’s philosophy of holistic health consists of an interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. She incorporates purposeful activity with lifestyle and nutritional shifts to optimize function, independence, and create a sustainable improvement in wellness. As an occupational therapist and nutrition therapist, she has years of experience helping her clients reach their health and wellness goals. She has recently launched Brain Fit, a therapeutic program for clients that want to improve their brain fitness in areas like attention, processing, focus, and balance.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Stress is a part of all of our lives, but as a certified HeartMath provider, Claudia Harpe can practice these simple tools (Brain Gym Training Heart Breath + Quick Coherence) with you with the assistance of biofeedback, allowing you to witness your body’s shift into a more calm and harmonious state in real time,” shares Meagan Harris, editor of The Scout Guide Asheville. “Anyone can participate in the program, and it is scientifically proven to reduce stress by increasing inner balance and self security. These tools offer many benefits to health as they foster calmness, improve sleep, decrease anxiety, and boost energy. Sign us up!”

COACH: Dr. Sara Smith
LOCATION: Gloucester, Virginia
THE OFFERINGS: Dr. Sara Smith is a doctor of physical therapy, professionally certified yoga instructor, and intuitive coach. She combines her expertise and extensive training in the mind-body connection to serve as a mentor to high achieving and caring individuals. Dr. Smith has the unique ability to quickly uncover core hidden blocks and transform them into growth opportunities. Her practical, nurturing approach combined with humor and wit allows her clients to turn the most personal and stressful situations into empowered confidence and action for change in all areas of life.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Whether you’re feeling inundated with responsibilities, overwhelmed by a major life transition, or frustrated by not reaching your personal and professional goals, Dr. Sara Smith combines medical research with holistic practices to partner with you and create a solid plan that reclaims your physical, mental, and spiritual health,” says Sara Harris, the editor of The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay. “She’s simply an amazing resource to have in your corner.”

COACH: Megan Kingdon of Well Room
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
THE OFFERINGS: Megan Kingdon is a nurse practitioner with a specialization in adult and women’s health, a functional nutritional coach, and is currently completing her herbalism training. Kingdon offers health coaching from a holistic lifestyle perspective. Areas of expertise include: lifestyle and nutrition optimization, food medicine, gut health and digestion, weight management, fitness and performance enhancement, vitamins and supplementation, habit reshaping, mindfulness, work-life balance, and anxiety and stress management. Through the process you will gain knowledge, tools, tips, tricks, and resources that will serve you for a lifetime.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I am lucky enough to have Megan as a friend, so for years she has been my go to health advisor,” shares Christy Ford, co-editor of The Scout Guide Charlottesville. “She is constantly educating herself with eastern ways to layer on to her western nurse practitioner training.”