4 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day


The way you start your day can have a lasting impact. Therefore, being mindful of how we approach our mornings and creating a ritual that can improve our health, productivity, and focus is important. To help us come up with a daily routine, we asked Jessica Vandenbroeke, founder of Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based Healthy Being Café, Juicery & Wellbeing Market, for advice on what to do, drink, and eat as soon as we wake up. While she’s quick to remind us of the importance of flexibility, Vandenbroeke recommends committing to a morning ritual that involves the following elements:

Begin with gratitude. “Don’t let your cell phone be the first thing you give energy to each morning,” Vandenbroeke says. Instead, begin your day by taking five to ten minutes to be thankful. Focus on your breathing, and visualize everything you want to achieve in your day and life as if you’ve already achieved them. Tell yourself and your family how thankful you are for them in the moment.

Wake your body up with water. After you’ve had some time to get centered and focus on gratitude, it’s time to move to the kitchen. Vandenbroeke recommends drinking a large glass—20 to 32 ounces—of fresh filtered room-temperature (not cold!) water to rehydrate before putting anything else in your body.

Sip a warm drink. Vandenbroeke suggests following your pure H2O with a warm drink to stimulate digestion and help you settle into your day in a cozy way. “We recommend adaptogenic mushroom or matcha lattes with or without coffee,” she says of her warm beverages of choice. “Add healthy fats like sprouted nut milks, coconut oil, ghee, or dairy from a local farm to help your body and brain effectively absorb and receive the benefits. Miso is another great option during the winter that will up your probiotic intake and increase the healthy flora in your gut.”

Nourish yourself with nutrients. Last but not least, it’s time to enjoy some nutrients via cold pressed juice, a smoothie, or avocado toast on sprouted grain or fermented whole grain bread. You can draw inspiration for what to put in your juices from Healthy Being’s offerings here, or browse their smoothie list here.

TSG Tip 242 from Jessica Vandenbroeke, founder of Healthy Being Café, Juicery & Wellbeing Market in Jackson, Wyoming. Image courtesy of Healthy Being Café, Juicery & Wellbeing Market. Healthy Being Café, Juicery & Wellbeing Market is featured in The Scout Guide Jackson Hole.