4 Can’t-Fail Fall Color Combinations for Men

The transition from summer to fall provides the perfect opportunity for men to experiment with the usual color palette. To encourage those who might want to mix-and-match classic pieces into inspired, cool-weather-ready looks, we asked Paul Trible, CEO of the Richmond-based luxury menswear company Ledbury, to share his favorite can’t-fail color combinations. Below are his recommendations, which are illustrated above via images from their forthcoming fall line. Read on, and then click through for autumn outfit inspiration.

Winter whites: Lighter shades are perfectly appropriate for cooler seasons, Trible says, noting “It’s a common misconception that white clothes are only meant for the summer.” That said, some rules do apply: “Choose pieces with texture to keep the monochromatic look visually interesting,” Trible advises.

Grey and tan: Trible recommends pairing these tried and true neutral tones for a more casual—but still sharp—look. “The uncommon color combo gives new life to favorite wardrobe staples and mirrors the winter weather,” he says.

Burgundy and grey: “The colors work well together—they’re dramatic dark tones that balance each other out,” Trible says of this go-to combination. “I like to make the saturated tones of burgundy the focal point of a look. Grey pants play the perfect supporting role to a rich burgundy sweater.”

Formal denim: Trible suggests adding an edge to typical holiday attire by swapping out your dress shirt for a denim one. “Keep the tie and blazer, and let the sophistication of the tonal blues do the hard work for you.”

TSG Tip 229 from Ledbury CEO Paul Trible. Ledbury is featured in The Scout Guide Richmond.