25 Scouted Artists You Should Know About

Art can transform any space, serving as a focal point, brightening up a corner, or adding an element of the unexpected. To help those who might be interested in refreshing a room with a new work, we asked The Scout Guide editors across the country to introduce a few of their favorite local artists who are creating beautiful, inspiring, and personality-filled pieces. Here, they introduce 25 talents located in scouted cities whose works would be perfect additions to local homes, and who non-nearby art lovers looking to discover something new should know about. Looking for an artist in your area? Find one in The Scout Guide Directory.

Photography by Tarin Frantz Photography.

ARTIST: Carolyn Joe Daniel
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas
WHAT SHE DOES: Inspired by her love of travel and outdoor adventure, Carolyn infuses her whimsical work with an abundance of color. She paints commissioned works for residential and commercial spaces while collaborating with designers and retailers.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Carolyn’s cheerful and optimistic personality shines through in her colorful work,” says Ginna Wilbanks Eiland, editor of The Scout Guide Dallas. “From her iconic Faces series to the more whimsical, abstract Drips & Spills pieces, all of her paintings evoke an abundant sense of joy.”

Photography by Lilianna Story.

ARTIST: Tracy Williams
LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas
WHAT SHE DOES: Williams is a contemporary artist who specializes in abstract expressionism. She often uses inspiration from flora and fauna, land, and sky.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I love that Tracy’s playful and dimensional painting style matches her personality,” says Francie Mannix, editor of The Scout Guide San Antonio. “She is an expert at creating continuity between colors and brush strokes.”

Photography by Gina. B. Photography.

ARTIST: Marco Santini
LOCATION: New York City and Bergen County, New Jersey
WHAT HE DOES: Santini is an artist, muralist, and designer whose mission is to spread love and positivity through art and education. In addition to custom commissions, he regularly speaks and paints at schools around the world, teaching students to explore their passions.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Marco is all about celebrating love. Whether it be his modern family crests or sonogram pieces, his commissions are always deeply personal and unique,” says Eileen Sweeney, co-editor of The Scout Guide Bergen County.

Photography by Sélavie Photography.

ARTIST: Shelby Wimberly
LOCATION: Memphis, Tennessee
WHAT SHE DOES: Shelby is known for her moody abstracts using mixed media. Most of her pieces are deeply personal as she uses her favorite memories as inspiration.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I am always in awe of Shelby’s creative way of expressing her moods, and what she’s currently into at the time, through her art,” says Stephanie Stephens, editor of The Scout Guide Memphis.

Photography by Caitlin B. Photography.

ARTIST: Erin Lato
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WHAT SHE DOES: Lato is an abstract artist who works on large scale canvases in monochromatic tones. She is inspired by organic shapes and colors in nature.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Erin’s ability to effortlessly balance sophistication with creative spontaneity is what we love most about her sophisticated abstract artwork,” says Kaleigh Porcelli, editor of The Scout Guide Baton Rouge.

Photography courtesy of Wylie Caudill.

ARTIST: Wylie Caudill
LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky
WHAT HE DOES: Caudill specializes in street art, including painted murals, set design, and public chalk art using a mixture of washable crayons, sidewalk chalk, chalk pastels, and charcoal.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Wylie is a brilliant muralist making his mark across the state of Kentucky and beyond,” says Jennifer Mueller, editor of The Scout Guide Lexington. “No challenge is too tough for him, from private homes, to stores, bars, schools, restaurants, and more, his work is everywhere.”

Photography courtesy of Ashley Vanore.

ARTIST: Ashley Vanore
LOCATION: Greensboro, North Carolina
WHAT SHE DOES: Vanore is a painter who blends traditional and contemporary styles while honoring her love of nature, color, and movement.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Ashley creates unique and custom abstracts that convey both her warmth and her sincere appreciation of nature’s beauty,” says Ashley Powell Nosek, editor of The Scout Guide Triad–Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point.

Photography by Chad Riley.

ARTIST: Sarah Otts
LOCATION: Mobile, Alabama
WHAT SHE DOES: Otts paints with oils and a variety of tools to create gestural, textured pieces in the style of abstract expressionism.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I am so inspired by Sarah’s ability to describe the world around her so eloquently through words and art,” says Katie McNeil, co-editor of The Scout Guide Mobile Bay. “Sarah does it all, she is a devoted mom, artist, gallery owner, and writer.”

Photography by Jim Inzero.

ARTIST: Jim Inzero
LOCATION: Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
WHAT HE DOES: A painter who works primarily in encaustic, Inzero’s work is inspired by his attraction to the shore and beauty of the ocean environment.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Jim Inzero’s paintings are captivating and dimensional,” says Kathy Kamatani, editor of The Scout Guide Two Rivers & The Shore. “They have the power to transform the space in which they inhabit.”

Photography by Meredith Coe.

ARTIST: Kate Thomas
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHAT SHE DOES: Thomas focuses on abstracted landscapes and radiant florals in the medium of watercolor.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Kate is such a talented artist. Her pieces vary from dark and moody to warm and cheery,” says Christy Ford, co-editor of The Scout Guide Charlottesville. “She has a large collection to choose from but also takes commissions so you can work directly with her to create the perfect piece for your space.”

Photography by White Rabbit Studios.

ARTIST: Carole Foret
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT SHE DOES: An oil painter, art teacher, and art consultant, Foret has been in the art world for over three decades. Her pieces are often textural and moody.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Carole’s work is full of emotion and creativity. Realistic from one perspective and whimsical from another, every piece evokes conversation,” says Dawn Pumpelly, editor of The Scout Guide Huntsville.

Photography by Paul Morse.

ARTIST: Kevin Gillentine
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT HE DOES: Gillentine is known for his large-scale ethereal landscape paintings.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Kevin’s paintings bring me to such a peaceful place,” says Taylor Morgan, editor of The Scout Guide New Orleans. “His paintings look like a memory.”

Photography courtesy of Sophia Testa.

ARTIST: Sophia Testa
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
WHAT SHE DOES: Testa is an abstract painter whose pieces evoke an organic, restrained elegance.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Sophia’s art can elevate any space while also telling an inspiring story of hope. Looking at her pieces, you see the glory that comes from life’s challenges and know there is meaning to the art in your home,” says Shannon Bland, editor of The Scout Guide Austin.

Photography by Alston Thompson Photography.

ARTIST: Frankie Slaughter
LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia
WHAT SHE DOES: Slaughter is a mixed media artist whose mediums include encaustic, fabric, paper, and porcelain. Her pieces tend to be daring and vibrant.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Frankie’s use of color in her mixed media art is so dynamic. I especially adore her breathtaking large scale pieces,” says Cheney Edmunds, editor of The Scout Guide Richmond.

Photography by Michael Blevins.

ARTIST: Stephen Wilson
LOCATION: Charlotte, North Carolina
WHAT HE DOES: Wilson blends traditional embroidery techniques with laser engraving, found objects, upcycled luxury materials, painting, and 3D printing to create unique works of art with a high-fashion and pop-culture aesthetic.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Featured in galleries all over the country, Wilson’s one-of-a-kind pieces are always fun and lively,” says Lisa Sherrill, editor of The Scout Guide Charlotte. “His style continues to evolve, making it even more of a pleasure to collect and follow along with his art throughout the years.”

Photography courtesy of Jessica Hitchcock.

ARTIST: Jessica Hitchcock
LOCATION: Saint Louis, Missouri
WHAT SHE DOES: A painter who embraces color, Hitchcock’s art is energetic and bold. Her subject matter spans from abstract color studies to florals, animals, and even desserts.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Jessica’s art is so dynamic,” says Amy Jo Mitchell, assistant editor of The Scout Guide Saint Louis. “Her pieces bring a boundless energy to any space.”

Photography by Henry Photography.

ARTIST: Alexandra Williams
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio
WHAT SHE DOES: A watercolor artist, Williams creates custom designs for fine paper goods and special commissions.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Ali has created two commissioned pieces for our guide and I absolutely love the colors she uses throughout her work,” says Abigail Fredelake, editor of The Scout Guide Columbus. “Her pieces are always bright and joyful.”

Photography courtesy of Greg Erway.

ARTIST: Greg Erway
LOCATION: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WHAT HE DOES: Concentrating on “new western” art, Erway is a fine artist specializing in painting and drawing, with subject matters spanning still life, and portraiture of both humans and animals. He co-owns Gallery Wildfire on Paseo in the heart of Oklahoma City’s Paseo Arts District.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: Greg’s unique use of color and creative take on everyday landscapes or prairies truly celebrate the natural beauty of Oklahoma,” says Kerry Goldstein, editor of The Scout Guide Oklahoma City. “His passion to try new methods and genuine kindness make Greg one of the most interesting and accessible artists in Oklahoma.”

Photography courtesy of Cheyenne Trunnell.

ARTIST: Cheyenne Trunnell
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
WHAT SHE DOES: Trunnell is an oil painter whose nature-inspired pieces explore the relationship between form, gestural line, and light.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “A celebration of nature, Cheyenne’s paintings fete organic beauty,” says Meagan Harris, editor of The Scout Guide Asheville. “Looking at her pieces instantly transports you to a peaceful place.”

Photography courtesy of Amy Art.

ARTIST: Amy Moglia Heuerman
LOCATION: Naples, Florida
WHAT SHE DOES: Gulf coast themes exemplified by stunning seascapes, Heuerman’s paintings are often oversized, richly layered abstracts. Her recent work focuses on abstract imagery that evokes floral bouquets using a broader palette than her more well-known work.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Amy’s use of color and layers is immaculate,” says Jennifer Adams, editor of The Scout Guide Naples. “Her serene seascapes, divine abstracts, and cheerful florals are instant mood boosters and so reminiscent of Naples.”

Photography by Meredith Mashburn Photography.

ARTIST: George Dombek
LOCATION: Fayetteville, Arkansas
WHAT HE DOES: Dombek is best known for his watercolors, as well as art glass and sculpture.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Dombek is a true master of watercolor. His training as both an architect and artist are reflected in all of his works,” says Jennifer Esty, editor of The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas.

Photography by Liz Grogan Photography.

ARTIST: Anna Jarrell
LOCATION: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
WHAT SHE DOES: Jarrell is a painter who works in watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and oils. She is experienced in portraits, murals, abstracts, and has even designed her own “plate” collection.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Anna is a beautiful portrait artist who also specializes in unique abstracts that work across a multitude of different interiors,” says Ashley Powell Nosek, editor of The Scout Guide Triad–Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point.

Photography by Ross Van Pelt.

ARTIST: Karen Rolfes
LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio
WHAT SHE DOES: Rolfes creates vivid, impressionistic oil paintings, most notably using a palette knife technique.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Whether you are looking for a piece from her current collection or wanting to commission something, Karen truly listens to her customers and delivers a piece of art that far exceeds all expectations,” says McKenna Brooks, editor of The Scout Guide Cincinnati.

Photography by Lilianna Story.

ARTIST: Jill Holland
LOCATION: Fredericksburg, Texas
WHAT SHE DOES: Holland is known for using a variety of mediums to depict abstract landscapes, inspired by the light and color she observes in nature.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Jill’s art honors the boundless Hill Country landscape. One look at her pieces and you can clearly see her expertise in creating beauty from simplicity,” says Francie Mannix, editor of The Scout Guide Hill Country.

Photography by White Rabbit Studios.

ARTIST: Sara Beth Fair
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT SHE DOES: Fair is a painter who favors the style of Russian Impressionism. Her art demonstrates her vast understanding of light and color.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Sara Beth’s pieces have a timeless quality,” says Dawn Pumpelly, editor of The Scout Guide Huntsville. “Her bold brush strokes create a lovely depth and dimension in all her pieces.”