24 Hours with Beauty Expert and Wellness Maven Bobbi Brown


From New Jersey to Manhattan and back again, we tag along for Brown’s action-packed day.

You know Bobbi Brown as the woman behind the naturally minded eponymous makeup brand. Eager for new challenges, though, Brown sold the brand in January 2017 to start . . . three new ventures. “I’m a perpetual learner,” she says. “I always like to try new things. My boutique hotel, The George, in Montclair, New Jersey; my new wellness brand, EVOLUTION_18; and my editorial website, justBOBBI.com, are all new creative outlets for me to express myself.” With so many balls in the air, how does she keep them all aloft? We had to find out. Here, she breaks down her day hour by hour.

6:30 – 7:30  AM

The first thing I do in the morning is drink hot water with lemon to help wake up my stomach. It aids in digestion for the day. I’ve always had a ‘Beauty from The Inside Out’ philosophy to life and I practice what I preach. I take a probiotic everyday like the one from my new line, EVOLUTION_18 . Beauty starts in your gut; gut health is key to living a healthy life. I follow that up with an espresso. I’ll sip my espresso while checking Instagram and The Post on my iPad. When my husband joins me for coffee I make sure to put away my device. I like to be as present as possible when with him.

8:00 AM

After checking the news and having my coffee, I like to get my heart rate up. Whether is going for a walk, working out with a trainer using weights, taking a HIIT cycling or barre class, it’s important to start my day with exercise. It helps clear my head.

9:00 AM

Recently I’ve been intermittent fasting so I’ve been skipping breakfast. That streamlines my morning routine and post-workout I’ll just hop in the shower. These days I am loving EO and Dr. Bronner’s products. I love that they’re all-natural.

9:30 AM

It’s time to head to work. I have offices in Montclair, NJ but often go into NYC for meetings, photo shoots and events. I try to limit myself to two city days a week. Regardless of where I am, I have a policy that I don’t  start meetings until 10 AM. I encourage the girls that work for me to try and follow this. It’s important that people get time with their kids, get in a workout and have a little time for themselves before diving into their day.

10:00 AM

My day is usually packed with back to back meetings for my various projects, whether it’s The George, justBOBBI or Evolution_18. The first thing I like to do when I get in is go over my schedule for the day. It helps me to stay focused and mentally prepare for what’s ahead.

10:30 AM

Meet with my creative team at justBOBBI to do editorial planning. We’re planning for fall right now and I’m excited about what’s new for the season.

11:00 AM

Head into a meeting with our partners at EVOLUTION_18. With creative projects you’re always planning months in advance. Today we’re discussing our line extensions coming out this September!

11:30 AM

Hop into a quick session with my team at The George to hash out the details on some upcoming events we have planned.

12:00 – 1:00 PM

If I’m in Montclair I usually order in with my team and we have a working lunch.  If I’m in the city I am usually going out to eat lunch or meeting someone for a lunch meeting. Today I am heading into Manhattan and I love Balthazar and The Bombay Bread Bar. I like to have a lean protein, with a side of veggies. Afterwards I  indulge with a piece of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.

1:00 – 5:00 PM

I came into the city to do an interview at the New York Stock Exchange. So I will scoot downtown for that and then head to midtown to record a podcast at NPR.

5:30 PM

I’ll have a quick meeting with my team about a possible accessories partnership. Stay tuned.

6:00 PM

I make it a priority to wrap up my day no later than 6:00. After I leave work, I meet my husband at the house and oftentimes we go to meet friends for dinner. If we’re in Montclair, we like to go to D’Novo. The food is delicious and I love that they named a cocktail after The George. Or we attend a party in honor of a friend, a game at Rutgers University, or go we’ll go into the city to visit our son.

8:30 PM

If we’ve had a night in, my husband and I will often watch a movie. But one of my favorite rituals, if I’m not too tired, is to get in the sauna. It really helps me relax and detox after a long day. After the sauna, and before bed, I always make sure to moisturize.

10:00 PM

I end my day climbing into bed with a book or my iPad. I am currently reading Gary Vee’s new book Crushing It.

Photography by Helena Boutko.