2021 Travel Hacks


We sat down with Scouted Member and resident luxury travel specialist Mandy McKaskle of Creosote Journeys to discuss the best travel tips and tricks for 2021

Check your passports!

I keep reminding clients the importance of verifying not only when your passport expires -but most countries require it to be valid 6 months from entry. The US State Department is still running at 10-12 weeks for standard processing time and 4 weeks for expedited.

2021 Travel Hacks: As we are seeing skyrocketing prices and limited to no availability in the USA. For summer and beyond consider:

Instead of Jackson Holego to the Dolomites – you will pay half the price of a 4 star hotel and get an uber luxe experience with top guides and parks that are not lined with cars – Rosa Alpina’s 3-star Michelin dinners are just the cherry topping

Instead of Yellowstone – head to Iceland – where prices have come back down to humble Earth and geothermal experiences rivaling Yellowstone

Instead of California Coast– head to Amalfi Coast – everyone still has space, and you can get a suite at the amazing new Borgo Sant Andrea (or the classic Santa Caterina) for the price of a jr. suite at the Montage Laguna Beach

Instead of Miami beach – consider the French Riviera – Even Hotel du Cap is less expensive than peak nights at the Faena

Instead of Big Sur – go to Santorini which rivals in its spellbinding vistas with fabulous Greek cuisine at Canaves Oia or Mystique.

Instead of Napa Valleyhead to the Douro Valley in Portugal which is an incredible value

Most people don’t think to use a travel advisor for a simple hotel booking – but the reality you should never leave home without us! Even for simple hotel bookings I can often provide incredible value and included amenities.