14 Women Entrepreneurs Doing Big Things

In celebration of October’s Women’s Small Business Month, we’re shining the spotlight on a few spectacular women entrepreneurs within The Scout Guide network. Read on to get inspired by their creativity and fortitude in going after their big dreams. But don’t stop there; our network is full of female small business owner success stories. Discover them all when you explore our cities here.

Photography by Jennifer Olson Photography.

WHO: Ariana Ferwarda, Kiley McKinnon, and Karelle Golda, co-founders of Halfdays
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
WHY THEY ARE GO-GETTERS: “The cofounders of Halfdays took something that wasn’t working—outdoor apparel that was geared toward men—and created something brand new,” explains Leigh Gordon, owner of The Scout Guide Denver. “Their women’s outdoor apparel company doesn’t compromise fit, style, or function and it’s a game changer for athletic, outdoorsy women everywhere.”

Photography by Fletcher and Co.

WHO: Kimmie Neal, co-owner of Eastland Alley Design Co.
LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Kimmie Neal is a community connector with a big heart for her hometown of Tucson,” says MaryAnn Wittmann, owner of The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona. “As a graduate from the Eller School of Entrepreneurship at University of Arizona, Kimmie took the skills she learned in her previous career in corporate America and cultivated a passion for a conscious lifestyle through event design, florals, and ethically created goods at Eastland Alley Design Co.”

Photography by Meredith Coe Photography.

WHO: Kristin Watson, founder of pūrvelo Cycle
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Kristin founded pūrvelo Cycle in Charlottesville in 2015, a cycling studio with a goal to create an environment that fosters growth and development, with the lights down low and the music turned up,” shares Antje Lemoine, editor of The Scout Guide Charlottesville. “She’s since opened three additional locations and this October she takes her next big step—franchising pūrvelo nationwide. We’re excited to watch her grow!”

Photography by Casey Yoshida.

WHO: Shaun Teague, founder of Cue The Champagne
LOCATION: Chattanooga, Tennessee
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER:  “I’ve always been enamored by Shaun’s ability to execute events of all sizes despite any odds. She’s a clear communicator, organized, and has set herself up for success with a strong team of female coordinators to flawlessly represent her and her business at every event they take on. Cherry on top: Shaun is a light to everyone she is around and makes you feel seen and cherished in every interaction,” says Amy Walters, owner of The Scout Guide Chattanooga.

Photography by Zoë Grant.

WHO: Ashley Grosch, founder and CEO of The Farm Life Organic Market
LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Ashley, known to locals as Farmer Ashley, is a visionary. She is dedicated to bringing clean food via her market and farms, supplements, products, and teachings to everyone in Tidewater and beyond,” says Mary Kaufman, owner of The Scout Guide Tidewater. “She has grown her farm and original market and continues to expand her reach into actionable work in our community to bring about these powerful choices in clean food and lifestyle. We are lucky to have her here and I am honored to highlight her work in our local guide.”

Photography by Page Newton.

WHO: Dr. Kristina Collins, co-founder of Austin Skin Physicians
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER:Dr. Collins is a highly decorated board-certified dermatologist who is one of three female Harvard-trained doctors that own Austin Skin Physicians, a boutique dermatology practice with two locations in the city,” reports Shannon Bland, owner of The Scout Guide Austin. “She was formerly the Tennessee Woman in Medicine of the Year after cofounding a free medical clinic for the uninsured in the Nashville area, and most recently is the founder of Foy, a clean skincare line that stands for fountain of youth. The idea for Foy is something that’s always been deep in Dr. Collins’s heart, and she hopes it will help others embrace their unique beauty and manifest their magic.”

Photography by Anne Hubbard Hill.

WHO: Jessica Shea, founder of Cheers in a Box
LOCATION: Hunt Country, Virginia
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Jess pivoted from events to Cheers in a Box during COVID, and found serious success in a short amount of time,” says Nelina Loiselle, owner of The Scout Guide Hunt Country. “Jess created an entirely new way for businesses to connect and engage with their customers and staff through virtual event experiences and custom curated boxes to go along with them! Cheers in a Box was one of the first companies to provide this all-in-one solution for businesses looking to reach their customers and staff remotely. Her themed boxes also provide a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for loved ones near and far.”

Photography courtesy of The Good Vibe Media.

WHO: Carly Gilleland, owner of The Good Vibe Media and The Good Vibe Studios
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “The Good Vibe Media is a female-owned and operated video production team located here in Phoenix. They produce high-quality wedding, event, and brand video with an authentic approach,” says Sasha Clements, owner of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale. “Their team captured our launch party in a spectacular fashion, effortlessly making their way through the event taking video of all the details and interactions and editing it in such a way that the word ‘magicians’ has been uttered once or twice.”

Photography by Kismet Visuals.

WHO: Sarah Lagrotteria, creative director at Just Bloom
LOCATION: Worthington, Ohio
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “I’ve been so inspired by Sarah since I stepped into a cafe she previously owned. In the past couple of years she has transitioned her businesses into workshops and creativity training for businesses that have made such a tremendous impact on all of those who attend,” says Abigail Fredelake, owner of The Scout Guide Columbus. “Everytime I leave a conversation or meeting with Sarah, I feel more inspired and empowered to do what I do.”

Photography by Megan Kerns Photography.

WHO: Kinesha Harris, owner and creative director of KSH Creations
LOCATION: Raleigh, North Carolina
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Kinesha is a self-taught and tremendously talented print maker who utilizes artisan letterpress printing techniques on a centuries old Chandler & Price printing press and the original Heidelberg press dating back to the early 1970s (which she affectionately calls Beatrice),” says Hopie Avery, owner of The Scout Guide Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill. “I studied printmaking in college so I understand the degree of talent and meticulous care required to create such beautiful pieces. She prints right in her studio and will add any flourish your little heart desires—from personal address script to wax seals and confetti!”

Photography by Jason Masters.

WHO: Lena Gabrahana, founder and CEO of Blue Rose Beauty & Brow
LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Lena is a really spectacular part of our community. She is the epitome of an entrepreneur, not only did she start her brow studio in an up-and-coming neighborhood, helping anchor the street, she has started her own beauty line and runs training courses, certifying women in permanent makeup,” explains Valerie Shively, owner of The Scout Guide Little Rock. “She recently took on the state legislature and created an alliance to increase certification requirements because people in her industry were giving permanent makeup a bad reputation. She competes worldwide and recently won a world championship in Turkey. The most special part about Lena is that she created Restored Ink, 3D areola tattoo restoration for breast cancer survivors, and does a lot of pro-bono work.”

Photography by Ashley Merritt.

WHO: Jane Carter Getz, owner of Belle Cose
LOCATION: Jackson Hole and Teton Village, Wyoming; Vero Beach, Florida, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California; and Big Sky, Montana
WHY SHE’S A GO-GETTER: “Jane Carter Getz is more than the Martha Stewart of our region,” says Jill King, owner of The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and The Scout Guide Bozeman. “With seven stores in Jackson Hole, a new one opening in Big Sky, two shops in Vero Beach, and now Carmel-by-the-Sea, she’s proven to be a very successful entrepreneur. Jane is a tastemaker that leads the charge with top jewelry designers and cutting edge home goods. Above all else, she is kind, gracious, and a workhorse you’ll find working tirelessly alongside her employees.”

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