14 Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

At a certain point our enthusiasm for keeping fitness-related resolutions starts to wear off, and we find ourselves feeling less and less motivated to hit the gym or exercise studio. When this occurs, it’s time for reinforcements in the form of a great workout playlist, gym buddy, and a well-stocked gym bag packed with essential items that will actually make you excited to break a sweat. While we would never presume to tell you what to listen to on the treadmill and we’re no substitute for the kind of in-person encouragement a truly committed friend can offer, we can provide some suggestions for the latter. Here, we present 14 bags, beauty products, workout pieces, and accessories that will make sticking to your workout routine feel a bit more enticing.

1. Lolë Lily Tote as seen on Lexington, Kentucky-based Sala Studio’s Instagram. For details: 859.433.1734.

2. Herbivore Soap as seen on Overland Park, Kansas-based FitWear Boutique’s Instagram. For details: 620.474.5859.

3. Rumbatime Mercer 45mm Flex Watch available for purchase online from Marissa Collections in Naples, Florida.

4. Women’s Brooks Beanie available from Stio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

5. Krewe Conti Butterscotch 24k sunglasses as seen on Fayetteville, Arkansas’s Mertins Eye & Optical’s Instagram. For details: 479.442.8400.

6. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum available for purchase online from Marissa Collections in Naples, Florida.

7. Capri Blue Hand Cream available for purchase online from Maude in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

8. Sol and Selene “All Star” Backpack as seen on Cincinnati, Ohio-based Outfit Active’s Instagram.  For details: 513.832.3339.

9. Bliss & Mischief Gilda Sweatshirt in Rosewood available for purchase online from McKenzie Claire in Charlotte, North Carolina.

10. Sonix Cosmic Portable Phone Charger available for purchase online from Coplon’s in Charlotte, North Carolina.

11. Sweat Cosmetics as seen on Cincinnatti, Ohio-based Outfit Active’s Instagram. For details: 513.832.3339.

12. Spiritual Gangster High-Neck Karma Bra available for purchase online from FitWear Boutique in Overland Park, Kansas.

13. Balenciaga Race Runner Sneaker available from Vermillion in Raleigh, North Carolina.

14. Sprinter Tight available for purchase online from Tasc Performance in New Orleans, Louisiana.