10 Travel Essentials

Thank goodness the spring travel season is in full swing. We believe that a vacation begins the second you board the plane, and therefore it’s important to have all the essentials carefully tucked away in your carry-on so you can start your trip in style. From staying entertained en route to making sure you look fresh and fabulous upon your arrival, a well-packed bag can make a world of difference. Here are our key carry-on items:

1. Sunglasses from Scarpa.  2. iPad cover available in genuine alligator, ostrich, lizard and python from Alexandra Knight.  3. A good book to read from Oxford Exchange.  4. Italian leather passport cover from Sterling & Burke.  5. Rose water uplifting spray from Beautycounter.  6. Cashmere cape from Patricia Gourlay to keep you warm on the flight.  7. Cosmetic travel case (or travel set) from Leontine Linens.  8. Be sure to pack your SCOUT GUIDE! All cities available from the store. 9. Summer sandal from w.port to slip on upon arrival. 10. Black silk Chanel scarf from Leslie Hindman.