Summer Skincare: C+C Dry Oil Antioxidant Sun Protection

Scouted: C+C Oil and SPF

Throughout the summer (and beyond), protecting your skin from the sun is an absolute must. Featuring a dynamic formula of vitamins and minerals that provide a variety of benefits—plus a citrusy fragrance and light texture—Natura Bissé’s C+C Dry Oil Antioxidant Sun Protection is a must-have product that you’ll look forward to reapplying.

The Powder Room  //  Woodmere, OH  //  216.831.7666

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24 Hours in Alexandria with Editor Alison Teer

24 hrs with Alison With Alexandria, Virginia, about to celebrate its 266th birthday, we decided now was the perfect time to check in with The Scout Guide Alexandria editor Alison Teer. Here, she lets us tag along with her as she Scouts her city:

6:30 a.m.: UP AND AT ’EM
The mad dash to get my boys (almost 4 and 6 years old) out the door to camp begins. They have a bus to catch at 8:05, and we usually start our days more along the lines of “Easy like Sunday mornings” rather than “Manic Monday.” It’s not pretty, but eventually everyone is fed, dressed, and ready.

24 hrs with Alison in Alexandria VA 8:15 a.m.: WORK OUT
Now that the boys are off, I head to Fitness on the Run to work out with co-owner Adrien Cotton. I usually join their semi-private training, but today I’m doing a one-on-one session, which means it’s really time to sweat.

I make a quick stop by the office to check and return emails and calls. I have a workspace in the same building as Finnian’s Moon, where Navarro Construction and Christopher Patrick Interiors also have spaces. We call it “The Collaborative,” and we’re always bouncing ideas off of each other…we laugh a lot (and maybe enjoy a happy hour here and there as well).

24hrs with Alison 10:00 a.m.: SCOUTING
I head to Lawrence Miller & Co. to meet with Tim Shaheen about blog ideas and learn more about their custom jewelry design process. Next, I stop by Red Barn Mercantile to snap some shots of their fun Americana merchandise. They have awesome giant sparklers that are ideal for July 11th—Alexandria’s 266th birthday (yes, that’s 27 years older than the United States of America)—which will be a huge celebration on the waterfront that will include fireworks set off to a live performance from the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra. But really, summer nights are perfect for sparklers, party or not!

24 hrs with Alison 12:30 p.m.: LUNCH
I’m in need of sustenance, so I swing by Bittersweet for a quick bite and to place a catering order for the backyard get-together we’re hosting before we head to the waterfront on Sunday. It’s all about multi-tasking.

1:00 p.m.: STYLING
Along with being a wife, mother, and the Editor of The Scout Guide Alexandria, I have been a personal stylist for twelve years, and today I’m dropping a client’s edited clothing off at Mint Condition, an awesome consignment shop. Post-drop off, I visit Duchess M to look for new items to pull for clients (and maybe a piece or two for myself. If I post them on Instagram that counts as work, right?).

tsg-24-hrs-alison-dinner-ice-cream 4:00 p.m.: OYSTERS & ICE CREAM
The boys are back from camp, and the three of us head to Union Street to meet my husband, Emerson, for an early dinner. Afterward, we grab a sweet treat from POPS Ice Cream and take a trolley ride up King Street. By the time they head home with dad the boys are pretty tuckered out.

tsg-24-hrs-alison-bday-party 6:30 p.m.: TIME TO PARTY
I’m off to Society Fair for drinks and cake to celebrate Elizabeth Todd’s birthday. Elizabeth owns The Shoe Hive, and the party is a TSG Alexandria-studded affair, with Courtney Cox and Alex Deringer, the design duo behind Ivy Lane, in attendance, as well as TSG Alexandria’s Art Director, Kathryn Martin. Courtney and I grew up together here in Alexandria, Alex and Elizabeth went to college at Ohio State before settling here, and we’ve all known and worked with Kathryn for almost 15 years…I love my small local world.

9:30 p.m.: GOODNIGHT!
I’m finally home and melt into bed. There’s another bus to catch bright and early tomorrow morning!


Words We Love / 56

Words We Love / 56


Italian Antique Duchesse Brisée

Italian Antique Patinated Duchesse Brisee When in need of a place to rest, we can think of few options more appealing than a beautifully upholstered 19th-century duchesse brisée featuring tapered fluted legs and distressed finish frame. Available from Jackson, Mississippi-based Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc., the set will make a stunning statement and be your favorite seating for years to come.

Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc.  // Jackson, MS  //  601.982.4181

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July Loves


“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” —Charles Bowden

While the official first day of summer technically falls in June, July is when the season truly sets in. High temperatures and summertime routines start to feel like the norm, and activities like running through the sprinkler and catching fireflies become second nature for the younger set. Here’s to a month of pure summer fun!


Seven Things We Love About July

1. Celestial Charts. Star gazing is a must this time of year, so what better way to learn the constellations than with an illustrated star chart from Denver’s The Old Map Gallery.
2. Polished Pool Attire. Whether lounging by a pool, sailing, or surfing, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans—time consuming yet essential. This is why we look to Austin’s SUNROOM for their reliably chic selection of swimwear.
3. Fringed Footwear. Every season brings a new trend, so when we spotted this pair of snakeskin, lace-up front, fringe, block-heel (pre-fall trend alert!) beauties available from CeCe Shoes in New Orleans we simply had to share.
4. Italian Escapes. From the Amalfi coast to the Tuscan countryside, Italy has risen to the top of our must-do summer escapes list. Start planning your own Roman Holiday by calling  Charlottesville-based Peace Frogs Travel Outfitters.
5. Crystal Chandeliers. Light and luminous crystal chandeliers add an elegant look to any room, and New Orleans-based Gerrie Bremermann Designs offers a beautifully curated selection.
6. Lobster Lunches. We aren’t looking to debate the best (or proper) way to prepare a lobster roll. However, if you are visiting the South Shore, we recommend making a lunch reservation at Alma Nove for their Lobster panini. It’s served with dill-mayonnaise on toasted brioche—delicious!
7. Pearl Earrings. This time of year we find ourselves leaning toward sea-inspired accessories, like this pair of pearl accented earrings available at Houston’s Judith Ann Jewels. The light blue-grey hues and irresistible sparkle make a stunning summertime statement.


Pop Pestamel

Scouted: Pop Pestamel Surf-inspired hues and super absorbent organic Turkish cotton make this pestamel the perfect beach companion. Ready to be used as a towel, blanket, or sarong, it’s both fashionable and functional—our favorite summertime combination.

Loomed  //  New Orleans, LA  //  504.304.2047

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