Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Scouted: Tahitan Pearl Earrings There’s something about Tahitian pearls that makes them feel so appropriate for summertime. Pair them with emeralds and diamonds and you have the perfect accessories for the season. With their ocean-esque hues and irresistible sparkle, these stunning earrings by Elizabeth Bruns will look gorgeous with a tan—and elevate any ensemble.

Elizabeth Bruns  //  Charlotte, NC  //  704.365.3700

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A Saturday in Aspen with Editor Brooke Casillas

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas An excellent winter destination, Aspen is simply stunning in the summertime as well, and with the latest volume of The Scout Guide Aspen launching last week, we thought this would be the perfect time to catch up with editor Brooke Casillas. Here, she walks us through a Saturday in her hometown:

Right after I wake up I always catch up on emails, Photoshop (in addition to being editor of The Scout Guide Aspen I’m a photographer, and right now I’m working on a fine art project and studio shots of a client’s new clothing line), social media (I’m particularly spending a lot of time on Pinterest these days since I’m planning a wedding), and my favorite blogs (I follow all the TSG cities). Getting some work done first thing in the morning makes me feel like I’m already ahead before I “officially” start my day, and my routine really doesn’t deviate whether it’s a weekend or weekday—every day is about getting inspiration and talking to clients.

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas hike 10:00 a.m.: TAKE A HIKE
Time for a mid-morning workout with my dog, Pepper. Smuggler mountain is the local favorite for a quick hike with good reason: It’s an easy, hourlong hike up and down the mountain, and the view once you get up is amazing—you can take in Aspen mountain as well as the other three ski mountains.

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas 11:15 a.m.: TO THE MARKET
I’m in need of a post-hike snack, so I swing by the farmer’s market (one of my favorite summer destinations) and grab a yummy croissant from Louis Swiss bakery, then walk around and get fruit and veggies for the week.

With winter being so long in Aspen, it is such a treat to walk around in the sun, and there are so many great vendors at our market. In addition to the local food producers, there are tons of cool makers selling clothing, jewelry, pottery, and more. Today I spotted a cute new cuff by Taylor and Tessier (below, right) that will look good with absolutely everything.

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas 12:00 p.m.: SCOUTING
I’m ready to use my job as an excuse to go shopping. I’m going to a wedding this evening, so I’m on the lookout for something to add to my outfit, and a warm cashmere wrap from Souchi seems perfectly appropriate. I also need to buy my niece a birthday present, so I swing by the Aspen Art Museum because they have adorable and unique kids toys, clothes, and books, and I score: they have a little wooden camera that is the perfect present from a favorite photographer aunt.

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas 12:45 p.m.: LUNCH WITH THE GIRLS
Just a couple of blocks away from the museum, Ajax Tavern is an obvious choice for lunch. A burger and rose at the base of the mountain on a beautiful day? Yes, please!

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas 2:30 p.m.: A REAL CATCH
Before I hit the town for the evening, I like to go fly fishing with my super active fiancé. It’s so relaxing to get out on the river, which is a five-minute walk from my house, tops. Usually I fish, but today I ended up just reading a book on the bank while having a glass of wine. Either way it’s nice to be on the water!

tsg-day-with-tsg-aspen-editor-Brooke-Casillas-celebrate.jpg 6 p.m.: TIME TO CELEBRATE
As in so many other places, it’s wedding season here, and for good reason: Aspen is absolutely stunning in the summertime. Tonight we took the gondola up to the top of Aspen mountain to celebrate my friend tying the knot on the sundeck. The catering and service by The Little Nell was excellent as usual, and a gorgeous sunset served as a backdrop—the perfect end to the day, and the perfect place to begin a marriage!

TSG Aspen editor Brooke Casillas

12:30 a.m.: LIGHTS OUT
What a day. Hiking, shopping, dancing….There is always something amazing to do in this town, I need to rest up so I’m ready to start over tomorrow!


Six Summer Essentials: Luxurious and Understated Basics

Guest CuratorS: CYNDI HAWKES AND LIZ SCHEER of Juicy Lucy

Summer Essentials Summer fashion is about chic simplicity. When temperatures are high and schedules are hectic, there is simply no room for frills. Selecting more minimal pieces doesn’t mean sacrificing style, however. In fact, beautifully crafted basics are the foundation of a successful summer wardrobe that allows us to look effortlessly put together.

To help us assemble the ideal summer closet, we asked Cyndi Hawkes and Liz Scheer, owners of the impeccably edited Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based boutique Juicy Lucy, which pieces make their list of summer essentials. Describing their philosophy, Hawkes and Scheer explain, “Summer essentials are about understated basics…. Forming an irreverent classic look that is simplistic without compromising luxury.”

From a timeless trench (shown above) to the perfect white shirt to an ideal summer scent, here are their recommendations:

Summer Essentials

1. “Jack” white linen shirt by CP Shades  //  2. Comme des Garçons PLAY Eau de Toilette  //  3. TAP by Todd Pownell gold cuff earrings  //  4. “Norbert” tote by Jérôme Dreyfuss  //  5. Gator flip flop by Rhonda Ochs  //  6. Trench coat (show at top of post) by Julia Jentzsch

 Juicy Lucy  //  Chagrin Falls, OH  //  440.247.5748

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Words We Love / 55

Words We Love


Etched Amethyst Highball

Scouted: etched amethyst highball This elephant-etched amethyst highball will take cocktail hour to the next level. A beautiful shade of purple and the perfect heft, it’s a handsome vessel that is truly top shelf.

And George  //  Charlottesville, VA  //  434.244.2800

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Making An Entrance

tsg_bardes_entry_fix Whether minimally styled and statement-making or elegant and warmly welcoming, a beautiful entryway always makes a lasting first impression. The space is not only where we greet our guests, it’s what we first come home to, and who doesn’t want to walk into such a soothing and sublime setting as the one shown above by Chicago’s Bardes Interiors? Full of light and elegantly appointed, it beckons you in with its beauty (and, we imagine, makes it hard to leave!). tsg_katherine_shenaman_2 The patterns, texture, and one-of-a-kind pieces in this project by Katherine Shenaman Interiors pull us in and make us want to explore every room. Every detail has been carefully selected and expertly executed, making the entry feel undeniably enticing.

tsg_mary_evelyn_bham_entry Every time we peruse the portfolio of Birmingham’s Mary Evelyn Interiors we’re struck by how utterly inviting her work is. This beautiful space is a perfect example of why we want to walk into every one of her designs.

tsg_entries_memphis_collage Elements for an unforgettable foyer, illustrated by Northern New Jersey’s Valerie Grant Interiors (left) and Memphis’s Sean Anderson Design (right): a stunning staircase, abundant natural light, a show-stopping light fixture that draws the eye up, and a fresh arrangement.

tsg_benitz_palm_beach Perhaps the only space that would lure us away from the beautiful beach beyond: This clean and contemporary space by Palm Beach’s Benitz Building.



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