Estate Coral and Diamond Buddha Pin

tsg-scouted-eastat-coral-buddah-pin Our TSG Charleston editor brought this pin to our attention via an email that simply said, “Love.” That accurately sums up our feelings about the gold, coral, and diamond estate piece as well. A truly show-stopping item, it is an amazing find that has quickly made its way to the top of our wish-list. Call and claim it before we do!

Croghan’s Jewel Box  //  Charleston, SC  //  843.723.3594

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Cheers to Peach Season

tsg-peach-post-old-fashioned While some may take issue with the heat, one trip to the local farmers’ market is all it takes to confirm that there is much to love about mid-summer. As Chef Gregory Gettles of Durham’s Piedmont Restaurant notes, “Heirloom tomatoes are aplenty, beautiful squash is abundant, but most importantly, peaches dominate.”

With their sweet flavor and fragility, peaches are one of summer’s prized features, and thanks to Gettles, we now know how to pick a perfect one. When asked to weigh in on how he likes to celebrate peach season, Gettles immediately won our hearts. “Cobbler is quick and easy, marmalade preserves my hard work at market for the dark times (months without peaches), but my favorite use for fresh peaches is a cocktail that encapsulates the essence of summer.”

As one would expect from a chef who expertly highlights locally grown ingredients in delicious and innovative ways, the cocktail in question, a “New Fashioned,” is phenomenal. Combining peaches and blueberries (and, of course, bourbon), it’s the perfect summery twist on the traditional drink. If you’re not lucky enough to be in Durham to stop by Piedmont for Gettles’s take, making your own is the next best thing. We recommend sipping one while perusing Gettles’s latest farm-inspired adventures.


2 slices of ripe peach (skinned)
6 blueberries
Orange zest
Simple syrup
2 ounces of bourbon
Bitters (orange or peach)

Place the peach slices, blueberries, and orange zest in the bottom of a double Old Fashioned glass. Pour 1 ounce of simple syrup over the top and add 3 dashes of bitters (we prefer Regan’s Orange Bitters or Fee Brothers Peach Bitters).

Muddle the ingredients carefully to mash the blueberries and get the peach juice out of the slices. Pour 2 ounces of bourbon (Buffalo Trace works wonders) in to the glass, making sure to pour it over the muddler so you get all the goodness off. Fill the glass with ice, then dump contents into a mixing tin, swirl once, and return to original glass. Taste for sweetness. If the drink is too strong, cut it with a splash of club soda. If the drink isn’t sweet enough, incorporate a bit more simple syrup.

Piedmont Restaurant // Durham, NC // 919.683.1213

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Lace Polo

tsg-SCOUTED-lace-polo-shirt Pretty and preppy, this lace polo immediately made our must-have list. Available from the impeccably edited Richmond-based Roan, the top puts a delightful feminine twist on a timeless summer staple. Buy one now and enjoy it for years to come.

Roan  //  Richmond, VA  //  804.288.3699

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Summer Accessories: Go for the Gold

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.16.02 PM Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who takes a more-is-more approach to style (as the above image taken by Lucy Cuneo for Croghan’s Jewel Box so expertly demonstrates!), we can all appreciate the value of a good accessory. From sleek and modern bangles to whimsical, insect-inspired necklaces, a great piece of jewelry can take an ensemble to the next level with very little effort on the part of the wearer.

Natural Elements

Nature-infused elements are a wonderful way to always have a piece of the great outdoors close at hand. With delicate details and delightful embellishments, the above pieces elevate just about anything they touch. Clockwise from top left: 18k gold ring with diamonds and delicate leaf cut-outs available from Max’s; cognac diamond 18K rose gold sunburst wedding band from William Travis Jewelry; sakura hoop earrings from Suz Somersall; branch bangles available from Merzatta.


We are always looking for unique and textural pieces to add to our collection, and the examples above are essentially wearable pieces of art that will look lovely against a summer glow. Top left: 18k 18kt Gold Vine Cuff available from Elizabeth Bruns; right: Goldbug bib necklace available from Croghan’s Jewel Box; bottom left: Anemone dangle earrings available from Merzatta.

MODERN GeometricS

tsg-summer-jewlery-tayloe-piggott-Group-Woolly-bangle-stack2 Geometric pieces are an easy way to add some edge to even the simplest of outfits. These fossilized Wooly mammoth and scrimshaw bangles (yes, you read that correctly) from Tayloe Piggott Jewelry offer an instant dose of boldness with their dramatic details and cool contours.

tsg-summer-jewelry-eloise-elaineb-arcoave We love jewelry with a twist, so we find these modern yet delicate pieces to be oh so appealing. Top, left: 18k gold ring by Ana Cavalheiro available from Eloise; bottom, right: gem cage necklace from Elaine B Jewelrybottom, left: dagger studs available from Arco Avenue.

The Classics

tsg-summer-jewels-croghans-classics For easy elegance, you simply cannot go wrong with the classics. Case in point: this wide French estate bracelet from Croghan’s Jewel Box that is a truly timeless treasure.

tsg-summer-jewels-classic-necklace-earrings Must-haves for the well-dressed woman: left: solid brass chain from Mi Ossatop, right: white sapphire and pearl stud beauties from Suz Somersall; middle, right: “Wallace pretzel” earrings from Tayloe Piggott Jewelry; bottom, right: Pierre & Harry’s freshwater “mabe” clip earrings.

tsg-summer-jewels-classic-cuffs No jewelry collection is complete without at least one great cuff. These simple yet stunning pieces dress up anything and when layered instantly create an elevated look. Above, left: gold cuff from Stick & Ball; above, right: Five strand hammered brass cuff available from Taylor & Tessier; bottom, left: “Rigate Cuff” available from Victoria Charles Jewelry; bottom, right: Large Corset Cuff available from Marissa Collections.

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Suede Platform Espadrille

tsg-SCOUTED-eloise-espadrille We simply can’t resist the classic summer espadrille. Comfortable, cool, and the perfect shade of camel, these suede platforms are the ideal shoe for your next casual summer soiree. Call and order a pair today!

Eloise  //  Charlottesville, VA  //  434.295.3905

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Elegant Equestrian-inspired Interiors

tsg-eq-interiors-landy-gardner While we enjoy keeping up with trends, we have an abiding love for all things classic, and equestrian style falls squarely within that category. With its commitment to craftsmanship and tradition, the equestrian lifestyle is comprised of elements that are both elegant and enduring. In interiors, this can be translated in a variety of ways; from stable-inspired furnishings and architectural details to repurposed antique equestrian elements to art—as in the gorgeous space by Nashville’s Landy Gardner Interiors above—there’s something irresistible about a home that honors the spirit of the horse.

tsg-eq-interior-m-phelps-srch-exchange-landy-g How charming is the foyer by Charlotte’s Mark Phelps Interiors (top, left)? With walls featuring classic depictions of equestrian activities, it sets a lovely and welcoming tone. Above, left, a library by Landy Gardner Interiors is given a sense of drama and movement by a stunning work of equestrian art. Above, right, an entry to a structure by Birminghams’s Architecture Works, which designs beautiful barns in addition to commercial and residential projects, is adorned with a perfectly situated horse statue.

tsg-eq-interiors-sutro San Francisco-based Sutro Architects’ portfolio is pure eye candy for those who enjoy a modern take. In their Carmel Street project, shown above, a noble steed watches over a stunning dining area, injecting equine beauty and emotion.

tsg-eq-interior-julie-brown-julie-couch In a study by Nashville’s Julie Couch Interiors (left), a work of art enlivens the space and echoes the sense of adventure portrayed by a set of stacked trunks. Meanwhile, boots and a riding hat add a pretty dose of personality in a lovely hallway in an image from the website of The Scout Guide Equestrian interior and furniture designer Julie Browning Bova (right).

tsg-eq-interior-arch-works-michaeldines-sculpture Top: A modern horse gives Architecture Works’s “Factor 48″ project entrance a sleek edge. Bottom, left: a stunning painting by Atlanta-based artist Michael Dines offers a permanent glimpse into a fleeting race-day moment. Bottom, right: an exquisite bronze statue by Stephanie Revennaugh fine art is poised to elevate any space.

tsg-eq-interiors-cf As we learned in our TSG Tip on putting it all on the table, mixing silver and antiques into our everyday lives lets us fully appreciate the pieces and dresses up our decor. In the above image taken by co-founder Christy Ford, silver trophies mixed with natural elements (and Guides!) make for a beautiful vignette. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items from throughout The Scout Guide network that will add equestrian elegance to any space:


1. Biedemeier leather stool available from Pierce & Co in Nashville.
2.  Carved Walnut and Brass Decorated Carousel Horse available from Robuck in Atlanta.
3. Vintage Iron Jockey Scale Chair available from Garden Variety Designs in Nashville (owner Jeannette Whitson suggests using it as a swing!).
4. Julie Browning Bova’s Julie Browing Bova Home Collection Circle table for Abner Henry.
5. French bronze of a horse and fence available from Black Tulip Antiques in Denver.
6. English Riding Boots adapted as Lamps available from Edgar-Reeves in Atlanta.
7. English 19th Century Painted Iron Sly Fox Weather Vane available from Fireside Antiques in Baton Rouge.
8. Mid-century brass horse-head table lamp available from LUM in New Orleans.
9. Cast Iron Horse available from Pierce & Co in Nashville.
10. Pair of Antique French Iron Hay Rack Tables available from Garden Variety Designs in Nashville.

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