Where are you from?
A parallel universe. Just kidding. I was born in the Guadalupe Plateau region of the Philippines, but can be considered a Charlottesvillian.

What do you do at TSG HQ?
I design spreads for our elegant publications and a myriad of creative collateral.

What’s on your desk?
Along with the typical iMac and keyboard, I have my stingray-looking ergonomic mouse, a journal made of woven recycled newspaper, a variety of teas, my glass tea infuser, whipped lemongrass lotion homemade by the owner of The Green Cat in Virginia Beach, and a stack of colorful TSG city guides.

Words to live by?
Kind thoughts. Kind words. Kind intentions.

Peace. Love. Balance.

Favorite vacation destination?
I haven’t traveled everywhere to truly select a favorite! I enjoy all of the senses—the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and most importantly the feels wherever I go. For example, I felt serene in the green paradise island country of Sri Lanka being surrounded by exotic wildlife and nature. I felt incredibly small amongst the vast underwater life in Belize off of Glover’s Atoll. I felt loved by fellow travelers and the locals in the intensely biodiverse and tropical land of Costa Rica. Pura vida!

Favorite movie?
I’m a Quentin Tarantino fan—Inglourious Basterds comes to mind. I was also drawn to the story of the dark intertwined reality and mythical world of Pan’s Labyrinth. And my mind goes nuts ruminating on wormholes—Interstellar and dreams—Inception.

What’s in your bag?
I carry around a backpack if I need my laptop; my pack also has my journal, pens, eyeglasses, and a therapeutic essential oil blend from Stinky Yogi—Pranayama (a pure blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon).

Best part about working at TSG?
I have the opportunity to create and the freedom to design with talented individuals and friendly dogs!

What’s your TSG obsession?
I’m digging the book cover colors. I love that TSG has a color swatch binder containing selected Pantones and we mix and match for each volume.

“That’s so TSG”:
Didot, Escrow, and Mozart.