When did you start working at TSG?
May 2015

Where are you from?
Richmond, VA

How did you arrive at TSG?
I began as a green little intern in college and came back after graduation to work full time!

What’s on your desk?
A dried palm leaf, an array of Stabilo colored pens, and a stack of catalogues for inspiration.

Words to live by?
“If you aren’t amazed most of the time, you aren’t paying attention.”

Favorite vacation destination?
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Favorite movie?
The Grand Budapest Hotel.

What’s in your bag?
I always have a spare pair of earrings and Glossier’s balm.com.

Best part about working at TSG?
Constant conversation and creativity.

What’s your TSG obsession?
Any and all editor photos. I LIVE for them. Among my top contenders: Muffy in Memphis, Meredith in Miami, Leigh Ann in Austin (soon to come), Oriet in Maryland, and both of Francie’s [San Antonio and Hill Country].

“That’s so TSG”:
I ombre color code all of the guides I’ve collected. I have a perfect stack of the ones I’ve designed at home.