About TSG Savannah Editor Jessica Leavitt
Growing up as the oldest child of a small business owner and surrounded by entrepreneurs gave Jessica Leavitt a “shop local” mentality from an early age, and attending college at the Savannah College of Art and Design brought a love of the South into the Iowa native’s heart. After graduating with a degree in fashion design, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she worked in the fashion industry and thought she’d never leave, but a few years later, Savannah’s siren song called her back.

While managing Nourish, a locally made natural bath products store, she came up with a marketing idea that was a turning point in her career path: Broughton Street Bingo, a bingo card that cross promoted businesses on Savannah’s popular Broughton Street during holiday shopping. Jessica went on to work with the Savannah Downtown Business Association to organize the city’s First Friday events. When she first saw The Scout Guide in Charlottesville, Jessica knew that bringing the publication to Savannah was a natural way for her budding marketing interest and love of local business to take root.

Jessica’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Savannah:

  1. Beautiful scenery. “From live oaks draped with swaying Spanish moss to hot pink azaleas bursting in avenue medians; from sandy beaches with an ocean horizon to sea oats swaying in brackish marsh water—there is beauty everywhere you look in Savannah!”
  2. Creative endeavors. “With Savannah College of Art and Design cultivating thousands of artists and designers each year, the city crackles with creative energy. There are many great makers and creatives in Savannah who use their ingenuity and design sense to guide them. The architectural styles of the city, collections of the museums in town, and burgeoning galleries reiterate that art is alive and well here.”
  3. A laidback pace. “Here in Savannah, the livin’ is easy. Things go slow and no one is complaining! Happy hour drinks inevitably lead to dinner and dessert. Ramble your way through the historic district and take time to talk to a passerby, pop into your favorite shop, or just watch the sunset.”

Words Jessica Lives By:
“What’s for you won’t pass you by.” —A quote from Emily McCarthy’s grandmother, Lillian, as seen on a print from her collection.