About TSG Little Rock Editors Lauren Slabaugh Steel, Tracy Slabaugh, and Anna Serpente:
Lauren Slabaugh Steel was born and raised in Wynne, Arkansas, “The City with a Smile.” Following graduation from the University of Arkansas, Lauren started a career in finance in Little Rock. After three years she took a break to spend a year in London, during which she received a Master’s degree from The London School of Economics. Following graduate school, Lauren returned to Little Rock to continue her career. She currently spends her time helping small businesses gain access to capital. Lauren loves tennis, running, and newlywed life with her husband, Nate. She and Anna first discovered The Scout Guide through the Jackson market, and thanks to Lauren’s sharp business mind and vision, TSG Little Rock was born and destined for success.

Tracy Slabaugh hails from the Atlanta area. After attending Auburn University, Tracy moved to Washington, D.C., and spent over four years in public opinion research. Tracy met her husband, Will (an Arkansas native who happens to be Lauren’s twin brother), while traveling in Spain. He convinced her that Little Rock was the place to be, and they recently welcomed their first child, Everett Virginia. Tracy is known for her great taste and style, honest opinions, and quick wit. Working on the production and design of Little Rock’s first volume was a wonderful experience for her because she was able to meet the fabulous owners and entrepreneurial minds behind Little Rock’s outstanding local businesses. She enjoys promoting those businesses through the TSG Little Rock blog.

Anna Serpente, a native Mississippian, grew up on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi before moving to Little Rock 10 years ago to pursue her doctorate at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Anna worked as a pediatric audiologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital prior to becoming one of the three TSG Little Rock Editors. Anna is known by most as an animal lover, and for her sense of humor. She is most excited when clients bring their furry children to TSG meetings and photo shoots, and she rarely meets a stranger because she can always find something to talk about—like her dogs, Peggy and Tripp! In her free time, Anna loves to play tennis and volunteer with several local animal rescues.

Lauren, Tracy, and Anna’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Little Rock:

  1. It’s the Natural State. This is a people city…everywhere you go, people are out on patios, porches, walking dogs along the Arkansas River, and enjoying everything that the Little Rock scenery has to offer. Most days you can find a great farmer’s market in one of the funky Little Rock neighborhoods, or people out riding bikes on our city’s (and state’s) famous bike trails.
  2. Amazing food and libations. Arkansas is known as a farming state. Many of Little Rock’s restaurants strive to use locally grown produce and other locally sourced products, making this big city feel like a small town. In the last five years, Little Rock’s restaurant scene, as well as the local brewery trend, has been booming, and the long-standing staples continue to get better and better. There is something for everyone!
  3. History. From the Clinton Presidential Center, to Little Rock Central High School, to the Esse Purse Museum, there is a history lesson to be learned in Little Rock.

Words Lauren, Tracy, and Anna Live by:
“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” —It’s a Wonderful Life