About TSG Hunt Country Editor Sandra Ranke:
When Sandra Ranke first visited Hunt Country, Virginia, she recognized it as the most perfect horse country she had ever seen. After visiting for many years from New York City, where she was a Creative Director working in fashion, interiors, and advertising for 20 years, she chose Middleburg as the place to build her dream horse farm. An avid equestrian, Sandra competes in both eventing and dressage with her four horses, and most likely will take up fox hunting (an obvious choice in Hunt Country).

Sandra’s three favorite reasons to visit Hunt Country:

  1. Horses! “Who doesn’t love watching (or riding) these magnificent creatures in this magnificent countryside? You can choose from twilight polo and jumping, international eventing competitions, or one of the oldest horse shows in the country. Horses are definitely the heart of Hunt Country.”
  2. Barn Tour. “A favorite spring event every year, visitors come to see these beautiful horse farms up close and learn what it takes to keep them running. Just as inspiring is going from one farm to another on some of Virginia’s most picturesque roads.”
  3. Exploring the Downtowns. “More like villages, these charming enclaves hold more than feed stores and tractor supplies. You’ll find local artisans and their crafts along with sophisticated wares. And while you’re touring from town to town, discover small farm-to-table restaurants and sip our local wine!”