Indulge in Essential Oils


When it comes to your skin, preservation should be taken seriously. People have been using oils for ages now to help restore and maintain a luminous complexion. In fact, that “healthy glow” we hear so much about is directly linked to the oil levels found in your skin. When we are younger, our skin produces more oil thus giving a luminous appearance, however, as we age we produce less making it that much more important add it to your regimen.

Essential oils are extracted from flower and fruit: peels, seeds, woods, barks and roots, and are often distilled by steam. The concentrated liquid produced by this process contains powerful all-natural elements that have mega healing properties. There are also oils that are combined with beneficial chemicals; these would be known more as serums, specializing in age reversal effects.

All this is to say, we love luxurious oils and have consulted the TSG network of experts to help us navigate this ever-growing world of skincare. The following is our guide to essential oils and serums that we’ve tried and vouch for being worth the investment.

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Back in November of last year, Be Belle Beauty announced on facebook that they would be carrying Monoi Oil from Moana Beauty. Made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in a semi-wax coconut oil, Monoi oil has long been popular for its incredible aroma. Based in Austin, TX, Be Belle Beauty combines the expertise of makeup artists with retail—offering a wide array of skincare lines personally chosen by their professional skin experts. And according to them, the benefits of Monoi oil are immense. Put a few drops in your hair before shampooing to revitalize dry roots or coat your body and face with the oil post bath.

You can purchase Moana Beauty’s Monoi Oil through Be Belle Beauty directly: 512.327.2507.


We obviously can’t say enough about Rodin products. Neither can the cult following of this luxurious, beautifully packaged line of natural oils. An amazing blend of jasmine, almond, jojoba and evening primrose oils bring extreme comfort to the mind and skin, soothing irritations, improving elasticity and leaving the skin supple and soft. It’s an indulgence for your skin that will fend off premature aging, even skin tone and aid in regenerating the skin. There is an illuminating, healthy appearance once applied, yet no trace of an undesired greasy residue. Treat your skin to Rodin.

Purchase RODIN olio lusso – from And George in Charlottesville, VA: 434.244.2800.

The full line of Rodin products are also available through TSG Chicago store Space 519. Check out their photo of the fully stocked shelf! Call them to find out what they’re selling of Rodin today: 312.751.1519.

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You an also buy DUDE No.1 Beard Oil from Space 519 in Chicago. Yep, something for the men! From fragrance line MCMC, this rich product will make hipsters weak at the knees… Space 519: 312.751.1519.
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We’re so lucky to have skin care expert Tammy Fender in our Palm Beach TSG network. She has recently enlightened us on the benefits of natural oils when it comes to preserving skin and repairing old damage. One pearl she’s given: think of your skin as a reflective organ and if the body is out of balance, the skin will portray those imbalances. Her personal line of serums, tonics and oils are quite potent, all-natural concoctions guaranteed to revitalize the skin. Check out her interview with Mary, our Palm Beach editor, for her in-depth skincare philosophy.

In addition to being available online for purchase via Tammy’s website, Pure Living Energy products are sold exclusively at C&A Camp in Charlottesville, which is fitting considering the collection of high-quality wares owner Carlin Stargell Camp pulls together. Call her for more information on buying this line of essential oils: 434.973.5555.


Based in Charlotte, NC, the health and fitness experts at Hilliard Studio Method write a really informative blog that covers a wide range of topics. It’s worth a read, as is looking into their amazing workout programs, which are custom Pilates based workouts that incorporate resistance. Started by mother/daughter team Liz Hilliard and Clary Hilliard Gray, these dynamic duo have a cult following in Charlotte because of the results their healthy lifestyle tips provide for the customers.

Case in point: They have a totally holistic approach to dry skin, suggesting the use of natural oils that you would even cook with as moisturizers. “I keep Emu oil in my shower to rub into my skin just before I get out. Olive oil was Sofia Loren’s go-to face and body moisturizer for years.” Upon their suggestion, we tried Emu Oil and can say that it works wonders, more so than you’d expect! Be sure to investigate their entire approach to exercise and intentional living via their website or call them to get first hand information:

Hilliard Studio Method // // 704.236.3377

Read the full story for details.

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Located in Phoenix, AZ, the experts at Salon Estique know a thing or two about the damage dry environments can cause to your skin. Their pick? Rejuvenating Serum from PCA Skin. Said to instantly restore moisture to your skin, investing in this serum is highly suggested. Check out their facebook page or call Salon Estique to find out more: 602.248.0077.



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Alexis in Napa

Exclusive Q & A

Scout is officially out in Napa Valley and we’re thrilled to showcase the incredible local businesses on display in our Napa guide. In honor of our newest West Coast venture, we thought it only fitting to have a guest tastemaker from Napa to tell us about what their currently interested in.

The blog Alexis’ Napa has been a fun read for quite sometime, written by wine enthusiast and altogether stylish figure Alexis Traina of Swanson Vineyards, a unique place known for their bright red tasting room. See what she has to say about what inspires her these days.


What you are currently reading.
nothing worth bragging about

What’s a favorite quote that you find inspirational?
“if i ever go looking for my heart’s desire,i won’t look any further than my own backyard,because if it isn’t there,it was never there to begin with” – the wizard of oz

Who is your current favorite artist?
i love the photography of  william eggleston

What is your favorite recipe?
Chef Nate Appleman’s meatballs from San Francisco restaurant A16.

Do you have a favorite summer buy?
a red YSL flowy dress.

Who inspires you right now?
all of the ladies in my life.

Where do you go for your inspiration?
the streets.

Where is your “happy place”?
under the covers with my children + husband


Best of Local

Weekly Round-Up


#1: The stylish, modern space belonging to interior design team Caroline Edwards, Inc. is a must-see; get a full tour of their digs on TSG Aspen. You’ll realize just how capable this husband and wife team is, especially when it comes to mixing contemporary decor with timeless, vintage wares.


#2: Mother’s Day is this Sunday and our local editors have put together some amazing gift guides that will help you find the perfect present for your mom.
Virginia Beach – Beach Nut Gift Guide
Richmond VA Clothing Picks for Mom
Birmingham, AL – For Mom
Chicago, IL – Mother May I
Palm Beach – Definitive Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, NC – Mothers Day Mother Load


#3: A meditation on all things gilded from TSG Charlottesville. It’s remarkable how gorgeous images of golden wares can be. We especially love the gilded flowers available at Steadmen House.


#4: The artwork of Penny Putman really stopped us in our tracks. Check out more information on these ethereal abstracts via TSG Greenwich.


#5: Obsessed with these hand painted python bags, featured on TSG Charlotte this week. We want one in every color!


Baskets, Baskets & More Baskets


Back in the 80s, decorating with baskets was all the rage. And we think that they’re making a come back. Yes, we love that they’re endlessly functional: store toys, pillows, papers, linens, even rolled up blueprints and papers. But in addition to this, they’ve got a great decorative quality. You can never have too many!


Perfect for packing a picnic in, these vintage stacking picnic baskets from Bungalow are perfect storage containers for a meal on the go. And here is a great idea: when you’re not using them to pack food, store your blankets and throws inside them.


This uniquely tall, oblong basket could serve so many purposes, you’ll have trouble picking what to keep in it. We like the idea of keeping it by your fireplace to store paper and firewood. Call And George in Charlottesville, V.A. for pricing information.

TSG_Baskets5 TSG_Baskets4

We love the idea of putting your plants in oversized baskets. Nurseries all over the world display their greens, herbs and plants this way. There’s no reason for you not to do this at your own house. One word of warning is whicker doesn’t do great in the rain; bring your basketed plants inside during storms!

At a nice price point, these nesting baskets are perfect for storing napkins and the like; One could even use them as a tray to set up a bar on. Available through Trouve in Pheonix, A.Z.

TSG_Baskets16 TSG_Baskets15 TSG_Basket13

This industrial metal blue basket has a bit of rust, but that shouldn’t scare you away. Pick this piece up from Crica Antiques in Birmingham, A.L. to store your tools and garden supplies.


The Uniform: Jeans

We wear jeans almost everyday. Brighten your closet with a few of these pieces.

To get the look, visit our list of local shops around the country.

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